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My Extreme Transformation. From Stick to Model

I just posted some of these pics on another topic and then thought why not share my transformation here in general.

Not sure if this is the right forum thread but I guess so since I’m enhanced on some of these.

I was always what you can consider an Ectomorph, skinny as hell my whole life, i was the skinniest kid in class on every school to college you name it, I was skinnier than my sister. No matter how much I ate I would never gain weight, even as a kid all I did was play video games and sit on my ass, eating pizza and chips, burittos, you name it, i never gained na ounce, even my girlfriends were bigger than me.

Untill one day I was really fed up and suddenly started going to the gym religiously, and using all the basic supplements like protein, creatine, amino’s all that nonsense, mass gainers.

This was my first transformation, natural lifting for 3 years straight, all newbie gains.

Top, about 64 KGs or less,Bottom around 70+ KGS Maybe 75 not sure

At this point gains started to become really slow and it got much harder.

Next is after some cycles, I was able to get into modelling, this got really competitive and pressure, so started doing gear, after using gear suddenly my life turned around and started earning money with it. At this point I was around 80 something KGS lean


Later on I wanted to live different, stopped caring about the shoots and stuff, at modeling they want you to stay a certain weight and I really wanted to bulk up a bit more, I was also very tired and sick of always being on a diet year around for these castings, i wanted to go out with my girl and indulge in yummy foods and stuff, and in general i wanted to be a bit bigger, not like a pro bodybuilder but more like an action movie star size, possibly get to the fitness model weight, did a cruise for several months then and got up to about 100KGS, not lean though.

Now i was able to do shoots and tapings for different type of projects, extra for some tv series in costumes, commercials and stuff, i even got an ad for golds and a fitness store one time.

These last photos were around 3 years ago and this was all in the past. But thought i’d be interesting to share, might motivate someone.

And see how I started lol, it’s pretty amazing to look back on it. Looks like it wasnt even the same person!



Great transformation. Im going to show this to my bro as he looks like you did when you started. May give him motivation to finally lift some weights. How old where you in the initial pic 2010?

20 or 21 years old.

Yeah quite stupid, got on first cycle at like at 25.

However the 2013 pic was natural though, I think that was still a great change from 2010, and achievable without gear.

Nice results and success man.