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My Extra Skin

alrighty… about 6 months ago i weighed about 150 lbs with barely any muscle. and i was barely 5 feet tall. now, im 116 lbs, and im noticably stronger than before. all due to wrestling. but the problem is now, i still have all the stretch marks from when i was fat and now i have all this extra skin. is there any non surgical way to get rid of either?

Sorry to say but NO there is no way.

Well except to fill in the area that used to be taken up by fat with LEAN muscle. Depending on the extent of your previous fattness this tightening can vary.

In my case it has helped a bit but I would have to get the size of Ronnie to get to apoint I am happy. I figure I will get the procedure done sometime. Maybe a reward for my Five year anniversary of being an FFB, but thats in only a matter of months’ so probably later.

For now just use it as motivation to not get to that point again and lift and eat right to fill it in. Oh and time will also do a bit as well and if you are young you have a GOOD chance of it tightening up as well.

Hope that helps, and congrats for your progress so far,