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My Experiment Log


Hi to all brothers and sisters :slightly_smiling:

Today I get the gear to start my trial in the bushy "experiment" (for more information: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1736650&pageNo=0 )

Here a brief summary:

That means:
week 1-3 150mg NPP+ 300mg Test+92mg mast EOD
week 1-3 60mg TBOL ED
week 3-6 50mcg IGF1 on workout day

I have just do the 1st IM in my right quad (total 3ml). OT also is "loaded".

I have adex at hand...

Stay tuned


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As you prefer boss :wink:
I have started the thread cause I can't wait to do my "cavia's homework" :slightly_smiling:

I really like to log and experiment... :wink:

BTW i get a bit of nausea 10-20min after the IM and the OT.. :slightly_smiling: i will die? :wink: