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My Experience With TRT 8 Weeks In

I have now been on TRT for roughly 2 months (125mg Sustanon every 5 days, and 0.5mg of anastrozole every 5 days).

Week 1: I didn’t feel any improvements in the first week at all but obviously that’s not surprising. I did however experience excruciating tendon pain that lasted from day 4 to day 7.

Week 2-4: During this period of time it’s hard to say whether the improvements I was experiencing was just placebo or not however I do feel like i had minor improvements in my mental clarity and mental well being (what i mean by that is my brain fog lessened and I wasn’t experiencing so much depression or anxiety).

Week 5: A lot less anxiety. My joint pain that I’d been experiencing for about 1.25 years just completely went.

Week 6-8 (present day): During this time period I felt a huge boost in my sex drive and my strength in the gym has skyrocketed.

For you lifters out there: I had been lifting for 1.5 years before and I felt like I was getting no where despite proper training (6 days a week) and nutrition (i was lean bulking for that entire time). I had to stop lifting about 8 months ago due to needing an operation and I couldn’t start lifting again until around the time i started TRT (so 2 months ago).

After my 1.5 years of lifting these were my stats;
Bench - 82.5kg/181lbx6
Squat - 85kg/187lbx5
Conventional Deadlift - 165kg/363lbx1

Now these are my stats on the day I started back at lifting 2 months ago;
Bench - 40kg/88lbx5
Squat - 45kg/99lbx5
Conventional Deadlift - I didnt start deadlifting until very recently.

Now these are my stats today;
Bench - 75kg/165lbx5
Squat - 105kg/231lbx5
Conventional Deadlift - 135kg/297lbx3 (This is the only time I’ve dead lifted in the whole 2 months due to wanting to ease myself back into it before incorporating what i consider to be the most difficult compound lift).

My current body weight - 176lb

In conclusion I’m really happy with the improvements to my well being in general on TRT and very happy with my strength gain since being back in the gym as well.

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Congrats on your success, really great to hear positive news!

If you don’t mind, what are your labs looking like? I see you’re taking an AI. I was provided with one but haven’t taken it because E2 is fine.

I experience anxiety from my hormonal issues and most recently some depression as well. I’m only 4 1/2 weeks in but I see these decreased for you. What’s your experience like now dealing with anxiety/depression?

Thank you.

As far as my blood work is concerned I don’t know what it’s like just yet as I had my first blood test since starting TRT yesterday, so I’m currently waiting on the results. If you’re interested in knowing what my blood work is like I’ll post it in this thread and tag you if you’d like?

Due to my anxiety being not as bad as before I’m pretty sure I have a handle on it, purely by calming myself down during the bad times. My depression however is a bit more difficult because although it’s not as bad as before I still feel defenceless against it still.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind seeing where your bloods are. Sorry to hear the depression is still bugging you. Hopefully since it’s already moved in a positive direction it will continue to dissipate.

“Effects on depressive mood become detectable after 3–6 weeks with a maximum after 18–30 weeks.”

Here a link to how things progress on TRT:

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