My Experience with the Lost Art of Hamstring Training

I actually tried this last night - fresh off the site - as a replacement for my regular posterior development effort (Deadlifts). Great workout; it will become part of my routine. An outstanding article!

Tonight, my hamstrings are sore as I have ever known them (and getting worse by the minute…why do we do this again? :-)).

Curiously, however, my glutes aren’t even registering anything; and that’s my real point of posting tonight.

I squat and deadlift regularly - am up to 315 LB DL (3 reps) and 315 squat (1 rep) for my PR’s, nothing to write home about, but not terribly shabby for a 175 LB former-FFB old-bastard.

I have thus far considered that I have worked my posterior chain in a reasonably balanced way, but now I am less certain?

Is it possible I am somehow (how?) overworking hams and underworking glutes - even with regular squats and DL’s? Anyone have any suggestions / comments on any checks / tests I can do to check into this? Should my glutes be a little sore if my Hams are VERY sore or is this normal?


how far down do u go on your squats?
try using lighter weight and going ass to the grass, if that doesn’t make your glutes hurt, then someone else will need to comment


Well I started doing ass-to-grass squats about three months ago, and worked my weight up to 225LB (down from about 285 or so as my then best parallel squat). Unfortunately, a sports Doctor I went to see told me not to do them because it may aggravate a knee-click I have, so I’m back to parallel only.

But even when I did them, my glutes were never sore after a workout - even when my quads or hams were.

It’s possible that everything’s fine, but to me it seems so curious that they never seem to feel the effects of even a blistering new workout like CT’s Lost Art of Hamstring training. (It took my hams 5 days to stop hurting - yet I regularly perform squats and DL’s, so this was surprising - glutes never gave a reaction as far as I can tell. :-)).

Thanks so much for trying to help, I do appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Read this:

Then this:


[quote]Mastermind wrote:
Read this:

Then this:


Thanks Rolo - very informative. I think I was right to have my suspicions, and I’m glad I asked the question, asi ti is almost certainly an issue for me. Of course, I do feel a little stupid that I didn’t find these myself, but I’ll get over that, probably before I fix my non-firing glutes, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks again matey!


No problem!

I highly recommend posting questions directly to Robertson and Cressey, after you read their article that is. They both bend over backwards for us in all of our questions.

Good luck!