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My Experience with Reflexive Performance Reset/RPR

Hey all

I’m taking the RPR level 1 tomorrow and the level 2 the day after. I thought I’d open this thread to record my thoughts on the system as I both learn and apply it, and to answer any questions y’all might have (within the constraints of the non-disclosure agreement, of course).

Does anyone have any particular questions they’d like me to ask the instructor, Mike Nelson?


What dis?

Basically a soft tissue work system to “fix neural activation patterns”

JL Holdsworth and Cal Dietz are two big names that push it a lot, but I’ve also seen it mentioned by Nate Harvey

How much is it actually “fixing my neural activation”? Wouldn’t have a clue. Buuuuut, it certainly does a good job for improving ROM, MMC and outputs from various muscles.

I’m skeptical of the mechanism, but it certainly does what it says on the box

Manual therapy has been around a while. Is legit even if u stamp a gimmicky name on it.

Nerves are physical structures that can be physically influenced for better.

Nerve function has plenty of therapies and interventions based in it.

Ask him if he just renamed existing shit and slapped a price tag on it lol. To be fair universities charge a bunch for dem knowledge gains so his price can’t be that bad

No it’s very different to ART or anything we’ve covered in university. This is more about specific soft-tissue targets that can help reactivate, specifically: glutes, psoas, diaphragm, lats, hamstrings and obliques and a few others. As far as I can tell, ROM changes are a cool dude effect

Beauty of manual therapy is that it is a catch al phrase so if somebody is touching moving or anything in between it is.

So u poke somewhere and it helps but not ART…?

Basically :joy:

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Uni can’t teach everything or even a small percentage I think. Gives u the skills to learn yourself and the mindset to pursue professional development.

Like for example a couple of weeks on back pain weren’t worth nothing. Went and pirated McGills books it did the job while being written to be a patient friendly resource you can pass on to them for reference.

Free stuff is plentiful or u can steal it but still most of it is there or being researched.

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ART is more about increasing range of motion, this seems more about using it

Tbh I dunno the difference what I’m trying to get across is that this stuff is probably rebranded free stuff like not even Ali baba stuff just straight up free stuff lol. Maybe I’m just skeptical/cynical when peeps put a paywall on the capacity to help patients. If it was good shit then it’s already freely available in current body of research.

Enjoy though lol.

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Totally agree on the skepticism, I’m still skeptic about.

Cal Dietz has already put a good amount of it on YouTube for free if you’re interested

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Nah fuck that shit. I pay y’all to work magic on me so I don’t have think too hard

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So basically to summarise everything after level 1 and 2:

  • The system works (good)
  • It hurts like shit, making buy in hard (bad)
  • It’s easy to learn and do (good)
  • No one can tell me how it actually works (very bad)

Even the instructor not knowing the mechanism doesn’t exactly fill anyone with confidence, but once someone does it on you, you’ll certainly see an effect. I don’t think RPR is going to be the solution to everyone’s performance problems, but we saw some really great results. In particular, there was a BJJ guy there with an insane injury list that had a bunch of stuff cleared up, in the short term.

It looks like quackery, but it does the trick

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ART got a lot of push back from certain camps when it was new too.

A buddy of mine that has treated a lot of people has all kinds of tools like this for different things, and has done very well with them.

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There’s plenty of stuff where the mechanisms are still iffy but have well established efficacy. Better question wud be if there’s decent trials/research on it.

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There are studies being written right now comparing RPR to sham trials and checking it’s effect on vert jump (I think). Looking forward to seeing those.

I used RPR with a client today and he loved it, saw some pretty big changes in his hip stability, hinge patterning and ab strength, in particular

Tbh I’d still take placebo gains lol

Perhaps, but the times I’ve messed up the techniqueit doesn’t seem to work

Nocebo gains

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