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My Experience With PQQ

OK, my wife and I have been using the jarrow Formulations 100 mg. QH Co-Q10 (reduced form, or ubiquinol) + 10mg. PQQ, per cap. after reading an article by TC. We each take just a single gel cap a day. We’ve been using it for about 10 days now, and all I can say is wow! We both notice an increase in energy, and especially for me an increase in mental energy, and a general mood elevation. I mean this stuff just lights my brain up! I think the mood elevation is an indirect (?) effect of increased energy production in the brain. This is all consistent with what’s known about these substances (which seems to be in its infancy, especially with regards to PQQ).

Honestly, I was not expecting ANY observable, “feel-able” effect. After all, most natural supplements are very subtle in effect and take MUCH longer to produce any change. I’m truly shocked by what we are experiencing from this supplement. By the way, my diet, training, and general life schedule are very consistent, so any changes that produce effects are easily spotted. The addition of this supplement is the only change I’ve made in some time.

I know I sound like an advertisement for this supplement–really these two supplements–but I’m just honestly reporting what my wife and I have observed.

Very interesting stuff!


interesting. I really liked that article by TC. Made me start using resveratrol again. I forgot how vascular it makes me, lol. Anyways, I’ll have to look into PQQ… maybe Life Extension sells it. IIRC it is a ‘better’ version of Q10 or something like that.

I’m already taking a mix of R-ALA and Q10 as part of a proprietary supp, and sometimes get my Carnitine from Brain Candy. Still deciding if I want to keep using Brain Candy or stick to an Aniracetam nootropic supp (it contains DMAE, which BC has so don’t want to be ingesting too much of it). May have to find another source of ALCAR if I stick with the Aniracetam supp.

The best PQQ supplement I’ve found is the Jarrow Formulations one that I mentioned. PQQ is a completely separate compound from Co-Q10, but they do seem to be synergistic (and share some common effects). The Jarrow Formulations version contains the much more bio-available reduced form of Co-Q10 (ubiquinol) + 10mg. PQQ per gel cap.