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My Experience with Peptides

i wanna share my experiences with lr3 since it was a very potent molecule.
the first thing i noticed taking it was alot of hunger probably since it lowers blood sugar. the second i noticed was in the gym how lifting ide get stronger pumps. the next noticable effect was on cardio recovery time. it was faster.

I concluded this was because lr3’s a stronger form of igf-1 and it seems to boost cardiovascular strength. http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/93/12/2188.full
lr3 seemed to enhance my focus also arround the same time.
the last side effects where permanent losses in body fat plus permanent increses in lein muscle mass all over.

this is why ide recommend lr3. Also, its probably best to use when all your growth plates are closed so you grow just muscles and not bones. thisll help avoid side effects and plus being younger means theres no need to use hormones to make huge gains. hard works probably the best thing anybody can do at that age with supplements imo.

because in puberty your already growing like ur on growth hormone + steroids.