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My Experience with NPP, But I Have Concerns?

I’m 41 been on TRT with intermediate short cycles of increased test for about 2 years. I also run a basic peptide cocktail of Ipamorlin and CJC-1295 w/o DAC. For me I respond great to test and peptides, however over the past year my joints started really age. Both my knees have shown to have cartilage loss due to age, and squatting. My right shoulder has a SLAP tear and my elbows are suffering from tendonitis. I’ve tried just about everything, some of which works to some degree, but I convinced myself that I wanted to try Nandrolone and see what effect it had. Well about 4 weeks into what I will term a therapeutic cycle, my knees feel great. I’m running about 40mg every 4 days of NPP along with 100mg of test on the same schedule. I’ve had blood work done last week and my Hct is elevated, but I somewhat expected this so, I donated blood which dropped it down 4 points. Also my Estrogen levels were a bit elevate so I went from .25 of Anastrozole to .5 every 4 days, and this got me back in check.

I can’t say enough good things about NPP, I feel 15 years younger in the gym. I do realize or at least I’ve been told coming off Nandrolone is going to suck. I’ve played with the dosages a bit and 40mg seems to be the magic number for my bodyweight 90Kg. I’ve tried 30mg and 35mg, with longer gaps between injections and the knee pain does start to creep back in. I really really like this stuff. It’s UGL and not pharma grade, but I have been impressed with the quality and service of the company I bought from.

So my question is, how long could or should I run this low dose of NPP? I initially planned to run NPP for 8 weeks. I’ve heard stories of guys running Deca indefinitely for life, or is this urban legend. Whats the concencius?

I’ve never ran deca, but Ive ran NPP.

I have heard of guys blasting and cruising on deca for quite a long time, keeping the dose relatively low to help with joint pain, like yourself.

I’ll be upfront and tell you, I’m not quite sure if there are any long term, negative side effects to running NPP or deca for an extended period.

If you really don’t mind pinning that frequently with NPP, then I say run it as long as you want, as long as your bloodwork comes back ok. Be forewarned though, NPP and Deca can raise prolactin, so you might have to get your hands on some caber or prami.

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I’m just coming off a Cycle of NPP and Test Cyp. It was more of a cruise but, I tend to respond well to low dosages. Plus I participate is a tested sport, so I do feel a bit a guilt.

My cycle was for a duration of 12 weeks at 150mg of test and 60mg of NPP (nandrolone). My intent was to never to try and get an upper hand on my competition but rather to be able to train without excessive discomfort.

I’ve recently come off NPP but stayed on test cyp because I legitimately have low testosterone. I did notice that coming off was not pleasant even at this small of a dose NPP of 20mg E2D. The only side effects that I have noticed are extremely elevated libedo and stamina as it applies intercourse. Not all bad in my mind. Initially I was taking about 120 per week and developed slight horseness with cough and started snoring, this is why I backed down. Additionally I, on occasion get cystic pimples that take weeks to heal. These pimples are completely random and happens regardless of my hygiene regimen. I was not on HCG during this time but considered it. I was however on .25 of arimadex every 3 days, however recent blood test revealed extremely low E2 so I feel going to .25 E4D would be acceptable. AST and ALT were slightly elevated, even with a liteny of liver protection supplements (milk thistle, tudca, NAC and Liv.52). HCT was nominal throughout provided that I did not take any supplements with heavy metals such as Iron and Copper. These value were elevated and nearly concerning when I was taking a Costco branded multi-vit.

After being off for about 4 weeks the joint and ligament pain is significantly noticeable. The pain is not severe but, I’m assuming is simalar to Artihritis, joint stiffness and what I would describe as being dry. Ideally I would like to stay on a cruise of 40-60mg a week but, do have some concerns as to the long term safety of doing so. If I understand correctly in the U.K. and in some situations Deca is prescribed? When Inspoke with an Osteopath the only suggestion that was given to me was Cortisone which in the long run will do more harm than good. It not clear to me is Nandralone is as harmful as cortisone or is it the lesser of two evils. I see very little negatives right now, and plan to myopicly monitor my health through ongoin quarterly blood tests. So with that said, am I crazy to think that I can remain on Nandralone long term with microdosing?

I would do as you said monitor bloodwork, and micro dose

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