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My Experience with Lyle McD's RFL


Hey all you log perverts. I just began the Rapid Fat Loss plan as outlined in Lyle Mcdonalds handbook. Ill go through my days on this log and relate my experiences and results. keeping me accountable.

Ill let you all know about my stats before and after once i get my before stats results. apparently they mail it to me. Once i get my pic down to the right size you can all see me in my jocks and ninja mask.

So far the only adverse effect ive had is the random amonia taste when i coughed. strange. might be my cheap whey WPO shake though.

No hunger at all so far. The EC stack destroys it and makes me seem bright eyed and bushy tailed even though i am constantly absent minded.

Thanks for any support/comments/intellegent or otherwise discussion.



What category are you doing? Did you just start today? I found hunger wasn't the issue on RFL, rather the fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and overall feeling of near death. What are you taking for your EC stack?

Good luck on this absolute BITCH of a diet. It works but PSMF'ing for longer than about a week is horrible IMO. You'll look lean as hell at the end after your refeed. Are you doing the diet for any significant event coming up?


Im a cat 2. by the end Ill be Cat1 ideally. I started of the 23rd.

Had a minor headache before bed last night. Nothing worth and asprin though. I drop the potassium and sodium like shit-tickets on taco night though. Ideally the electrolytes will keep that shit at bay. We will see.

My EC is 16mg Eph and 200 caf. so far Im at 2x per day. I will try my 3x per day today. Then I will work the stack up to 24mg of eph [8mg pills] and 200 caf.

Last night I had french steak for dinner. It's the trimmed eye of round. 97% lean. Gotta cook it right to get any tenderness but at least with this diet plan i dont miss out on BBQ season. That being said i BBQ my breakfast all year round but you get what i mean.

So far my food seems so volumized with the Shit ton of spinach and banana/jalapeno peppers I have in my eggs etc. The fat free cheese is the real winner. It makes everything taste normal even when im a lazy cook.

Thanks for the ups mate. We will see how my psychological state goes. I'll be refeeding twice i think and cheating 3-4 times.

My reasoning for doing the diet is A] I have to/want to get down to the 85kg division to OLift in. B] After focusing on weight gain for a year my wasit recently began to grow a bit. It was good for ages as i gained more and more weight but now it's out grown some of my clothes so I think it's about time i see what the "real" weight looks like. And im impatient and have a very extreme personality [stop or go, no jogging] so extreme diets are higly interesting to me. lso a couple of mates are on similarly extreme diets and so we can all support each other like its oprah.



Day 4 now.

Up to 3 shots of EC at 16mg eph / 200mg caf. Noticing only the constant feeling of warmth and random absent mindedness. Obviously its not that bad because the g/f reckons that's about norml for me. Im kinda spacey.

Stomach makes a case for eating something other than fiber and protein in the early evening. It prostests in the form of less than satisfying BM's. It'll give up soon.

So far my favorite meals are:

french [and/or liberty?] steak: eye of round [pre-trimmed at store even] bashed mad thin with mallet. doused in spices and cooked blue rare. I serve with a random green veggie [spinach, green beans, broc] with melted FF cheese. It's a great meal.

Tuna melt: put some green beans and tuna in a bowl. melt a bunch of FF cheese on it and wham, 50g protein 4g fiber.

Hating the egg whites. making them into omeletes is a pain in the sack. I must purchase some kind of other protein to cook with the egg whites as 50 g of protein from them is like 500mls of egg. This is not conducive for good scrambled egg whites.



I recommend lean, boneless, skinless chicken breasts with whatever seasoning you please. Protein powder pancakes were fun for me. 1 scoop protein, 1/2c egg whites, splenda/FF/SF syrups to taste. Cook them like you'd fry an egg or pancake.

Shrimp/fish as well.


Yeah i love the pancakes. had them yesterday. I also include some psyllium husk in my "Batter" to thicken them a bit and add mad fiber.

As for me I am a big un-fan of chicken breast. I ate it so much back in the day that I will likely never purchase it again. Ill take the beef instead.

Good times is the tuna melt with jalapenos.

Shrimp are optimal. When i get the money some scallops will be dope. Escargot is another great one. I just bought 1.6 kilos of lean beef though so ima be working on that beast.



Some sushi was a small cheat today. Date w/ the gf.

vinegar and spice marinades are the key to getting that lean beef tender.



This might be a stupid question, but how do you get the EC stack? I thought you couldn't get ephedrine anymore.


Ephedrine is a legitimate asthma medication found in Bronkaid and Primatene. Ephedra is banned for use in supplements.


does she plan on doing it for 9 straight weeks?


That would suck. I think you have to have a 2 week break afer 4 weeks or so. Im not sure gotta re read.



Ephedrine comes in 8mg tablets sold as a nasal decongestant. Cant be sold as a fat loss item. At least in canada.



Things are good so far. With enough potassium and pickles I'm still pretty water loaded but am down 5 lbs over the first 7 days. Looking to refeed in another 7 or at 198lbs.

I have discovered the meal of the century. Bits of eye round steak chopped up with taco spice and seared in a pan. Cover with egg whites, scramble. melt fat free cheese on top. add fresh salsa. 70g protein ish. great success.

Then i just eat a meal of broccoli and cheese to get my fiber on.

Also, not that im hungry as the EC keeps me mad not hungry but sugar free jello in basically only protein. a good sweet snack.



just finished a 12 hour sleep. fuckin allergy season making my nose drippy. Too bad i cant take the Ephedrine before bed.

In other news: My meals are basically all eye of round beef with brocolli now. I did not imagine that is what i would evolve to before I started. Pretty good stuff if you know your way around a BBQ.

Also, if anyone else wants to log on this thread then by all means [ie. MODOK's wife or whomever else is on the thing ATM].

day 10 just feels like another day. Wonder if im doing something wrong.



How large are your portions of beef/steak? Do you weigh them? Are you counting all your calories?

Because aren't you supposed to have like 800-1200 calories/day on RFL, with like all of it coming from protein, right?


Yeah I get about 1050 cals from protein a day thats about 250g of protein.

BW = 205ish so 205x1.25=256g of protein x 4=1025 [on the low side of the cals/protein ratio]

After that its only veggies [brocolli, green beans nd spinach are most common] for about 200 cals to get 20-25g of fiber.

And I weight all my beef portions. The eye pf round is 23% protein and 3% fat. so i get 23g of protein per 100g.

Still mad tired but there is a shit ton of food to chew through when you are looking for 20g of fiber from the veg. Thats why i started with the green beans. they are more fiber dense and there is less to gnaw on to get the fiber down.



So I found and tried the konnyaku noodles today. OMG/B! So damn good. I blanched them and then let them sit in a mixture of soy sauce, fish sauce and chili/garlic paste. Then i made a cold meat salad/sunomono with them and some delicious pork sirloin [they even trimmed it to lean only]. They really do take on any flavour.

And here's the best part. out of 200g of noodles i got 12g of fiber! only 4 extra grams of countable carbs per 200g. I bet my morning constitutional will be bullet proof.

best advice from the RFL vs. VD thread ever.



LOLasaurus rex! That's too funny. I just want to make nationals at 85kg in weightlifting. So the only reward i get is 10 months of pure hell under the bar. Looking forward to it with fervor though.



Had to do a bunch of crossfit type shit [45mins worth of hard circuit training, poorly designed as well] today at a continuing education course. NOT fun on this diet. It sort of used up my whole volume for the week. I still want to get my squats in though.

Gotta get some shrimp for a switch.



Just showing some support!
I've been keeping a log about it on the body comp forums...

Shrimp is GOOD! My favorite recipe so far is shrimp and broccoli marinated in teriyaki sauce, ginger, and minced garlic...YUM!!

I also make this chicken coconut curry that is RFL friendly too! :slightly_smiling: