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My Experience With HCL

Hey Nation,

For about a week I’ve been trying betaine hcl with my solid protein meals. I’ve noticed a couple things:

Less gas
Smaller stools
Less heavy feeling after meals

and most surprising to me, for the first time that I can remember, I don’t crave salt. I’ve always had a near freakish taste for salt and I’ve just noticed how it’s subsided.

I’ve been keeping note of some of these things on my blog (conorattack.wordpress.com/), and I’ll chime in here if I notice anything else interesting.


This is kind of a lazy question, so I apologize for that, but how expensive has it been to incorporate HCL for you?

I also just began to take 648 mg of betaine HCL with each meal. And I am feeling like I’m digesting better too. My brand also has 150mg of pepsin. It is from NOW. I don’t remember how much it is, but I remember it being quite affordable. NOW is always very cheap. So much so that I’ve wondered about quality. But I do think they make high-quality products.

I bought mine online, 325mg with 130mg pepsin, 300 tablets for 16 bucks I think.

Mods, if its okay, the brand was Lindberg.

So, I’d say it hasn’t bee terribly expensive.

I’ve been using a pretty high dose, as much as 1625mg per meal. I’ve found I only feel the slightest twinge of a warm feeling if I take a single tab with a protein shake… other than that I haven’t felt a thing.

Here’s a related question: If I want to use a probiotic, when would be the best time to incorporate it? I’ve been using it when I go to bed at night.