My Experience with HCG+HMG - Fertility While On Steroids

Hello guys,

I know there is many posts about this issue, but I’d like to share my experience and perhaps help someone.
So I started using/abusing steroids (tren,deca etc.) since I was like 20 years old. (dumb I know)

Basically I ve been on since I was 22 (no breaks) now I am 27 YO and past 3 years I have been doing test c 350 week “only”. (no ideal but staying on helped me with anxiety a lot)

On February 1st I started HCG monothreapy 1500 iu EOD and around February 25th I did home sperm test with negative results. (no minimum sperm detected)

On February 25th I added HMG 75-150 iu EOD (most of the time around 100 iu)
In March I added Mast e 400mg/week and decreased HCG to 1000 iu EOD

Today April 16th I did my sperm analysis and I am fertile again !

So roughly 2,5 months after starting HCG and 1,5 months after HMG was added I was able to recover my sperm count. (did YO home sperm test, and I am in moderate/normal MSC range, the test is pretty cool as it even shows you video of your swimmers)

All I took was:
Test C 350 mg/week
Mast E 400 mg/week
HCG 1000 iu EOD
HMG 100 iu EOD
ZINC 50mg ED
Anastrazole 0,5 E3D

Hopefully this will help someone who is looking for to conceive, GL!