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My Experience With GVT


Well this is my first post. Kinda been lurkin for a while, but I've gained a lot of valuable information here. Well I just wanted to express my true love for this program. I've been lifting seriously for about a year and a half and over the past month and a half I picked this up on T-Nation.

I gotta say, WOW. When I started I was 130 (5'8) with 9% body fat. I am now 136 6% body fat. My lifts have gone from when I started:
(10x10 of everthing)
Squats - 105 to 145
Bench - 95 to 130
Those are just some examples and this is just over a period of 6 weeks!

I know those number are kind of low, but hey I'm only 17 years old. And the jump isn't because I just started to lift, I was SMALL mind you a year and a half ago. (5'8 and 115-120 lbs).

If you haven't seen the GVT article or OVT check it out.


first, dont be so self-conscious about how many posts you have, nobody’s judging (me at least…)
second, the “I’ve been lurking around for a while” line is so fuckn overused it gets old, thanks.


Why would you start with GVT if any other simple training routine would also do the trick? GVT is pretty overdone for a beginner. Just keep it simple and eat, you’ll make also good progress which in your case would qualify under beginner gains.


Well, uh, congratulations on your progress so far. GVT is a good program, however just about any program (even a really bad one) will take take you from 130 to 136 (assuming your diet is halfway decent). A beginner such as yourself would probably see gains like that no matter what he did. GVT might not be optimal for a beginner (I’d probably suggest Starting Strength), but since it seems to be working so far, you probably don’t need to switch programs.

There are certainly programs more ill-suited for beginners than GVT.


My bad I should have really put this in beginners, I didn’t really mean to put it in here.


I would drop GVT if you want to gain strength and size. It is a great conditioning program, but not optimal for gaining size.


I mean as far as I am concerned, this is by far the largest gains and fastest I have gotten. 6 pounds in 6 weeks? That is with 3% fat loss. (I’m probably not eating enough which I am addressing starting today)


Congratulations on the fine results!

Just be sure not to become wedded to a program because for a time it did extremely well, if later the truth is that it isn’t doing much anymore.

Be on the watch to be sure it really is making ongoing progress for you, and if that gets poor then have complete willingness to go to something else.