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My Experience with balancemyhormones Log

First off I apologise if this log is in the wrong section or if anything I have said (or will say) is against the rules.

About me: I’m a 20 year old male who has been suffering from a vast range of low testosterone symptoms that were negatively affecting my life for about 2 years now. When i first found out what low testosterone was (which was about 5 months ago) I did a lot of research and eventually decided to go to the doctors to get a blood test. My results showed that my testosterone was 15nmol/420ng/dl. I’m aware this isn’t nearly as low as a lot of people but like i said i am suffering from the majority of low T symptoms, and on an age specific range 420ng/dl is the normal levels for a 60 year old man.

Anyway, when i saw my T levels i knew that there was no way the NHS would treat me as their guidelines state that they shouldn’t treat anyone with low T who has a T level higher than 360ng/dl. After a lot of research into other treatment options I decided to go private with balancemyhormones (a UK service).

Last friday (24th August) I gave balancemyhormones a call and they talked to me about various prices and a vague timeline of what would happen on the journey to getting treatment. Long phone call short I asked them to get me started on this process. The first step was getting another blood test done and setting up my account on their members portal as well as providing a photo of ID and photos of any recent blood test results. That evening I did all of this and payed for the blood test kit (it’s a finger prick blood test like Medicheck’s).

In conclusion to the first part of this log, I am still waiting for the blood test kit to arrive but will keep this log updated on my experience with balancemyhormones.

Diagnosing a testosterone deficiency is more than just your total testosterone, if your SHBG is elevated that would mean the bioavailable testosterone circulating in your blood is very low, free testosterone is the stuff that makes all the magic happen.

Total testosterone is bound to SHBG, its not bioavailable. We see a lot of men with libido issues when dipping below 500 ng/dL. Erection trouble nearing 400 and severe ED in the 300 range.

State-run healthcare systems put barriers in your path to getting treatment, state healthcare systems have the lowest set of standards and cutoff levels for getting treatment covered.

You were wise and not going through the NHS. Here in the US scoring under 550 gets you TRT, however under insurance the cutoff level is 300.

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This morning the blood test kit arrived. Just as expected it is a finger prick blood test kit that contained two vials, the needle, a cotton bud, and some alcohol wipes. Unfortunately there were no instructions in the pack at all. There was a check list in the pack that stated what was going to be tested by the lab and unfortunately it appears that it is missing a few things (liver and kidneys) that i payed for.
I have sent balancemyhormones an email making them aware of these issues.
Despite it being the beginning of this process I am still a little disappointing considering the amount of money I’m paying for all of this.

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So I was an idiot and obviously hadn’t properly looked at what was in the blood test kit. Everything I said in my previous update was true besides the fact it wasn’t a finger prick needle, It’s actually a proper blood draw which i obviously can’t and shouldn’t use on myself. I spoke to balance my hormones about it and they informed me I would have to go somewhere to get the blood drawn. They suggested going to a private hospital near me however they charge £50, which i do not want to spend on top of the money I’ll be spending on this treatment anyway. I did my own investigating and it turns out the NHS would be willing to take the blood for me, so i currently have the appointment booked for next Monday.
I still however am very underwhelmed by the service that balancemyhormones has provided me so far, due to the fact I was not told that it was a blood draw at all and was under the impression it was a finger prick test as that’s what they usually do, and i had to email them to ask what I had to do with it and how and where I could get the blood drawn.

Yesterday I finally got my blood drawn at an NHS health centre yesterday with no trouble at all. As i suspected the nurse used her needle instead of the one that came in the blood draw kit which i had no trouble with at all. I sent the blood off straight after in time for the lunchtime post.
According to balancemyhormones the blood results should be back nearer the end of the week.

BalanceMyChequeBook should be called bro, they overly expensive everything is triple marked up than what should be. They do help but at a massive expensive though.

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I got my blood results back on the Thursday (13th). As i suspected my T level had gotten lower since my NHS blood test about 2 months before. My T level is now 143ng/dl (5.14nmol) and my free T is 0.104nmol which is obviously very low. The only other readings that caused concern was Red Cell Distribution which was low at 11.2 in a range of 11.5 - 14.4, Triglycerides was high at 2.06, and Prolactin was high at 425 in a range of 86 - 324.
Today (17/09/2018) i again spoke on the phone to the BalanceMyHormones medical facilitator who briefly spoke about the results (basically translated what they meant) and then went on and booked an appointment to speak on the phone with the Doctor which due to a cancellation I was able to get an appointment to speak to him on the phone tomorrow morning. The medical facilitator also asked me to fill out and submit the patient intake form as I had obviously forgotten to do it before (however i have provided ID proof and NHS blood test results at the start of this whole process).

From what I understand after the phone call with the doctor tomorrow he will draw up a TRT plan for myself, and will prescribe what I need based on that so apparently I could possibly have the medication in my hand sometime early next week.

So on the above date I had a phone call with the doctor. Long conversation short he agreed that 143ng/dl for a 20 year old was ridiculously low for a lifting, healthy 20 year old, so he agreed to prescribe me Sustanon 250 and Arimidex (125mg of sustanon every five days and half a tablet of anastrozole every 5 days).

After the phone call there was no communication until yesterday when BalanceMyHormones sent me an email letting me know everything had been processed and my bill was ready for me to pay so the medication could be sent. The first month of medication includes the Sustanon and the anastrozole (and any equipment you need such as needles and alcohol wipes) and also includes a finger prick blood test for you to use after 6 weeks on treatment to make sure everything is okay.
So last night I paid the bill (i think prices talk here is against the rules) and also had to electronically sign the treatment agreement letter.
When I spoke to the medical admin at BMH they said that it is sent next day delivery so I’m assuming the medication will arrive on monday or tuesday.

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It’s Tuesday Now Brother the 25th did you get your Medication and did u get your first shot of Sustanon 250 if so how did you FEEL! after the shot? just wondering if you had injected in glute too. Kind regards, Danny @revilo12

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I’m also nearly intoo a months treatment with balance my hormones. Finding them decent to be dealing with. Another couple of weeks then will get bloodwork done. Good luck with your treatment

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So i received my medication from BalanceMyHormones in the morning. I received 7x 250mg/1ml ampules of Sustanon, 4 tablets of anastrozole, alcohol wipes, filter needles, “injecting needles”, and of course syringes (i got a blood test kit as well to use in 6 weeks time). Everything was pretty straight forward and i ended up choosing to inject into my glute rather than my quad as apparently it is the preferred injection location. The injection went well and the only trouble i had was trying to prevent bubbles from getting into the syringe so nothing major. About 3-4 hours after injecting i starting getting a sore glute around the area of injection however I’ve read it is fairly common and is nothing to worry about.
As for the results with the testosterone it is obviously far too early to tell as most people tend to feel the effects around 4-6 weeks after starting injections, however i will update this thread again once I reach 4 weeks in and when i get the blood test results back after the 6th week. @dannybrouk

Good to hear it mate! How are you feeling for 4 weeks into it?

I noticed muscles were harder by week 3 and week 4 erections started getting active.

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You’ll ‘feel’ the test long before then mate. You’ll prob start noticing things a week - 10 days in. Of course 4-6 weeks before things are in full swing.
You may feel like you’ve been shot over the next few days, that sust for you. It will get better, I don’t feel any pain these days unless I open up a new inj spot (not that I have any :joy:)

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It has been ages since I updated this thread, however I think no that I’ve been on TRT (with BalanceMyHormones) for 8 months it’s definitely a good time to give a review of my experiences.

The Benefits I Have Felt;

It didn’t take long for the benefits to kick in once on TRT. My sex drive went back to how i felt when i was a teenager, my mood was more stable, my strength gains in the gym were majorly noticeable (i actually felt like i was going through a body recomp as i lost a some fat and have barely put any on since then despite bulking this entire time), my “old man aches and pains” vanished after about the 10th week.

My take on TRT in general is that it is for sure worth it and is probably one of the better decisions I’ve made in life.

Now to talk about BalanceMyHormones. My experience with them has been fairly rocky. It’s a very expensive service they provide and in my opinion for the price they charge they should be doing a lot better. Everything has been fine except for their communication. There has been multiple times when I’ve needed to get in touch with them and I’ve just had absolutely no response for weeks which i think is particularly bad for a service that deals with medical issues. I work nights now as well meaning that during a normal persons working hours I am asleep, so being able to contact them in a more direct manner means I have to take time out of my sleep which is why i usually email them.

In conclusion to this thread my rating for BalanceMyHormones is 5/10

I dont thinks possible to do a full pre TRT panel via fingerstick. You need tubes of blood. Where did you get the idea that was the case? Also TRT is expensive, get use to shelling out money for it.