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My Experience w/Lifting and Hair Loss

I thought I’d pose my dilemma on this forum because you people probably understand this stuff better than most.

Here’s what I noticed this weekend after getting in a couple extra weightlifting workouts during the past week. Instead of doing three workouts per week and doing only 2-3 sets per bodypart and NOT getting sore, I did five and I ran for 30 min on Sat.

Starting Sunday, I noticed much more scalp itch in the usual MPB places and a lot more shedding and I think it has to do with the fact that my muscles got very sore. I climb a rope in my backyard which got my lats very sore and my quads also got sore from running. These are two activities I haven’t done since last sept which is why I got so sore.

Something else I noticed when I had the flu several months ago; I didn’t lift for 2 weeks and in that time I noticed very little scalp itch and shedding.

I can only speak for myself but there is definitely a connection with intense weightlifting and my hairloss.

I’d like to know what the different physiological processes are between a muscle subjected to 2 or 3 sets to failure without soreness and 4-6 sets WITH soreness?

With the extra repair that’s needed for a sore muscle, does it just mean there is more test. being produced? Does a sore muscle release byproducts that could adversly affect hair?


im curretly doing 20rep squats, my hair is still halfway down to my waist

i dunno the reasons but i reckon your right i think if you are prone to mpb then weightlifting will speed it up, i think i read that really heavy compounds like squats and deadlifts increase test. but it could also be said that those heavy compounds make you sweat more hense irritating the scalp, i ain’t no doc so this could all be shite but they are my observations…bring on the hair transplants, minoidil and finastride lol

Maybe your body isn’t used to a higher rep range, and your cortisol levels are increasing. Your symptoms could be a result of the increased cortisol levels. Try taking cortisol lowering supplements for a week or two post-workout (l-glycine, phosphatidyl serine, etc) to see if the condition persists.

I have no research or anything to back this up, but I figure that baldness is associated with stressed individuals often, so it could be the reason. Just a though.

It’s most likely just your progression of MPB. Get on Propecia and Rogaine.

thanks for the replies. I think cortisol is an anti-inflammatory, but I have an itchy scalp which I think is some kind of inflammation.

I’m going to try to avoid sore muscles and “up” my reps and hopefully that will help.