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My Experience w/ First Week of Injections. Questions

I’m injecting Test-C E3.5D with the first shot on Sunday morning and the second on Wednesday night. I administered the first shot (.3ml) with a 29g 1/2 .5ml insulin syringe in my outer quad. Though I was very nervous the shot was completely pain free, a few hours after the shot I had symptoms of the test flu, headache, achy all over, tired. The next morning I also had PIP, felt like I got hit with a bat in my quad and at this point I was rethinking my plan and unsure about my upcoming shot on Wed. By Tuesday the test flu was gone, and so was most of the pain in my leg.

Wednesday came around and I proceed as planned with shot 2 in my other leg, this time I had no test flu, but experienced the same PIP about 12hrs later.

Is this a normal experience, or am I doing something wrong?

Cleaning injection site vigorously with alcohol prep pad?

Suggest SC/SQ injections. Select site and mark by pressing with a pen or syringe cap, clean, pinch up and inject into end of fold with needle parallel to muscle layers below, inject, press on injection site with finger for 10-15 seconds to allow tissue/vessels to seal. Some get lumps, try over upper leg or belly, some find differences.

As you inject, the syringe end cab be pressed to and steadied by the pinched up fold of skin. Injecting hand can have some contact with leg/belly and this steadies the injection. If you are shaking, end of needle can be cutting up tissues. Try to relax.

Injecting over upper leg allows you to see and avoid veins, depending on body fat etc. Do not inject below navel.

You will simply have to see how your body responds and accommodates the injections. Don’t panic.

A few have problems with whatever oil is used or perhaps preservatives. Classically onlu 0.9% benzyl alcohol was used, but in last few years other substances have been used.