My Experience Since 6-13

Hello, 47 year old male, 6’4" 212#. After low T tests for years, GP Doc put me on .25mg per day compounded T cream. Throughout summer of 2013 the TT numbers were not moving, despite increasing T dose (again, cream.) Finally started reading more, found this site. 3-1-14 I paid for private men’s clinic and they started me on IM injections, HCG and Anastrozole. I go in for my 2 month followup on Tuesday. I’ll post my numbers here, and I have some questions that I will post after my blood results. The numbers posted without lab info is from my General practitioner, so I don’t know which lab they use as they are done at Valley Medical Center in Renton WA, internal lab I guess, and I don’t have their ranges.

01-18-11 TT 494

09-06-12 TT 449 FT 9.6 pg/ml

10-17-12 TT 439 ng/dl FT 8.8 pg/ml (5-40 pg/ml)
T4 1.1 (.9-1.8 pg/ml) Thyroid

JUNE 28 START OF T THERAPY 25mg per day cream

07-16-13 TT 427 (Quest) FT 39.6 (46-224 pg/ml) Estradiol: 28 DHT- 32 (16-79) Bioavailable T 85 (110-575)
SHBG 49 (10-50)

New RX 50 mg day compounded cream

10-02-13 TT 552 ng/dl (241-827) FT 11.4 pg/ml (5-40 pg/ml)

10-21-13 TT 321 Quest(250-1100) FT 32 (35-155)

11-21-13 TT 373 Quest (250-1100) FT 40 (35-155) Estradiol: 28 (<OR=39pg/ml)

New RX 100 mg per day cream

01-16-14 TT:377pg/ml Quest (250-1100) FT-47 (35-155) Estradiol-26 DHT84 (16-79)
SHBG 39 (10-50)

2-26-14 TT 355pg/ml Quest 250-1100 ng/dl FT-47 (35-155 pg/ml) Estadiol-30 DHT 139 (16-79 ng/dl)

3-01-14 TT 325 Labcorb (348-1197 ngdl) FT 5.2 pg/dl Estradiol: 11.8 (7.6-42.6) LH 3.0 mIU/mL (1.7-8.6)

Start TRT 3-8-14

Sat: .5ml T Cyp IM thigh
Sun: .25mg Anastrozole
Mon: 500IU sc HCG
Tues: .5 ml T cyp IM thigh
Wed: .25 mg Anastrozole
Thurs: 500 IU sc HCG
Fri: off

4-1-14 TT:1445 (241-827 ) FT-45.1 (5-40) LH <0.2 (1.7-8.6) Estadiol-77 (0-56)

Ok so you can see, the 4-1-14 TT was high at 1445, FT was at higher end 45 of the 5-40 range. Estradiol high at 77 (0-56). Tuesday I will get results from a blood draw on 4-15. I will post and see what people think. This doc wants 2 months on, 1 month off for HCG.

What’s it say on your vial? 200mg/ml? If so that’s 200mg a week. That’s to high for a starting dose in my opinion. You should start with 100mg a week. .25ml twice a week. Inject .25ml every 3.5 days. You should take hcg ever other day at 250iu. Take 1mg of Anastrozole a week in divided doses. HCG should’t be cycled. Testing LH after your on TRT is pointless. If you want to stay with your current protocol your going to need to raise your Anastrozole to keep your Estadiol down.

You should try and keep it in the 20-30 range. You may end up running into hematocrit problems when levels stay at or spike over normal. This does’t happen to every one though but it’s something to watch. Testosterone over normal range can sometimes hurt your lipid profile (HDL-C). That’s something to keep an eye on too.