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My Experience on the Velocity Diet


Just over two weeks ago I decided to start the Velocity diet, I followed this diet as written, with one small exception: Due to the brutal raping that we australians get in regards to pricing, I couldn't use Surge post workout, I instead used my traditional post workout drink [just some obviously crappy product - it ain't Biotest].

Before I began [a friday morning] I weighed myself, had my girlfriend measure a series of areas, and had my bodyfat measured on a DEXA machine.

Two weeks later, having not weighted myself at all in that period, and having used '10x3 for Fat Loss' by Mr. Waterbury, I decided to have a check-up.

Again, I weighed myself [same scales, same time of day, both times on an empty stomach, immediately after rising from bed and using the bathroom], again I had my girl measure me in the same locations, and again had my bodyfat measured on a DEXA machine.

In 2 weeks of being on the velocity diet, precisely as written, I went from 106.5kg [~235lb] at 15% body fat all the way down to 106kg [~234lb] at 19% bodyfat! Everything I used to measure was precise, and as I am one of the most anal retentive people I am 100% certain that my measurements for the Low-Carb Grow! shakes were spot on also.

And, so I ask, what in the fuck happended here??

NB. for reference:

Before: LBM: 90.5 kg [~199 lb]
Fat Mass: 16 kg [~35 lb]

After: LBM: 85.86 kg [~188 lb]
Fat Mass: 20.14 kg [~44 lb]

Another interesting thing I found out is that at ~235 lb / 15% bodyfat I have 15inch arms and like 13inch forearms, my arm muscle insertion points must really really suck!


Wow, your results are scary. Since you lost weight so fast, you shouldn't have a problem putting the muscle back on.


Sounds like you weren't taking HOT-ROX with it.


in my 28 days I lost exactlly 16 pounds. I used Alpha Male and HOT-ROX of course. Alpha Male btw is awesome with this diet along with Surge. My workouts were strong. I gained in some areas (squats and deads). The Alpha Male really kept the motivation up during the workouts. I noticed the difference as soon as I started taking it and still am. Went from 260 lbs to 244. All fat too boot.

I lifted 5 days a week with 2 of the weeks 3X8 and 2 week 8X3 and also added 5 days of HIIT for 20 minutes each bout. Zero bi or tri workouts. Sunday: Deads with SLDL, calf raises and abs; Monday: flat BB bench with DB incline, and some forearm work and 20 minutes HIIT; Tuesday: 20 minutes of HIIT; Weds: Squats (ass to the grass), front squats, abs; Thursday: push press, upright rows, forearms and 20 minutes of HIIT; Friday: Lat pulls downs, pull ups and 20 minutes HIIT; Sat 20 minutes of HIIT.

I ate my shakes in the am with the flax and the fish oils (Carlson's). I did not drink Surge the first 2 weeks. Added it the last two and got the same results overall.

Went from about 28% BF to about 23%. Lost 2+ inches off the waist, 3+ off the stomach. My arms stayed about the same but with added leaness along with my legs, chest, and shoulders.

Not sure what you did man but your results and mine are completely opposite. You have more LBM then I do so that could play into some, but still with 6 shakes X 2 servings you are looking at 240g of protein a day which should cover you for muscle loss. Maybe HOT-ROX and the Alpha Male made that big of a difference?

Anyways that's my results. I almost feel bad for you, but I'm still too happy with my results to care...my bad, I'm an asshole for that.


My first instincts: too many calories, poor tracking skills, and poor workout choice.

To clarify; First, what's the macronutrient breakdown of the post-workout mix you were using? There's a chance that, even if your calories and Grow! shakes were made "spot on", you may have been taking in too many calories. Which leads to the second point...

Poor tracking skills. No, you're not Napoleon Dynamite. What I mean is, with an extreme diet like this, I think you need weekly measurements to gauge your progress as you go. If you had checked your weight and bf% after week 1, you would've seen something you weren't happy with and we could've dealt with it then.

Lastly, poor workout choice. 10x3 for Fat Loss is designed to spur fat loss (it's not just a clever title). The Velocity Diet doesn't need any help. I think the combination of the two sent you catabolic and fried your system. If you had gone with a basic "pick up heavy weights, do some easy 'cardio'", you wouldn't have shocked your system so much. Follow?

Sorry you had this experience, bro. Maybe you can give it another go after it gets some fine-tuning.


I suspect this is in fact a rather HUGE exception. Why skip Surge? You'd only need 1-2 containers for the full 28 days - if money was an issue you'd be better off keeping the Surge and swapping 1 or 2 Grow! shakes a day for your other stuff.

Makes me wonder what other "small" exceptions did you make but felt weren't even worth mentioning?

As the other poster asked, did you use HOT-ROX?

Were you getting enough flax & fish oil? I figure the V diet would go really bad if fats were too low.

How was your sleep?

I'm not sure here but the cardio component of 10x3 for fat loss might be a bit much for the V diet - might be better off with more lifting days too.


dude, how did you measure your bodyfat

hydration levels massively skew the tanita/ electrical body fat monitors

what does the mirror say?


you may just need more carbs than most
try Thibs carb cycling and see how that works.


My supps were as follows:

4 x HOT-ROX [daily, broken into 2x2]
6 x Alpha Male [daily, broken into 2x3]
3 x ZMA [nightly]

My post workout Shake was as follows:
380 Calories
55g Protein [hydrolised whey]
36g Carbs [multi-dextrose]
1g Fat

And of course heaps and heaps of Low-Carb Grow!

Also, the reason I didn't measure myself more often is twofold 1) I couldn't access the DEXA that often, and 2) I didn't want to get to excited about loosing water weight [which I didn't seem to - possibly because i went from a modified anabolic diet to this].

I'm going to bulk for say 3-4 weeks Before giving it another attempt, maybe using something simpler like OLAD [my favourite program ever] or a slightly less intense version of CT's Renaissance Body Development.

Also, I might use Surge, even thou the price hurts like hell and to be honest I'm not a big fan of the taste [unlike Low-Carb Grow! which rocks hard].

Edit: My sleep was terrible - Aussie summers in a new house without Air-Con - totally brutal, and I'm not a good sleeper to begin with, the smallest noise will wake me up completely.


Just another thought popped into my head: Is there a diminishing effect in HOT-ROX? I've used it for a while now and love its effects [especially while bulking - those extra calories I can eat and the ability to bulk without gaining virtually any fat is fantastic]. Perhaps a 4 week off cycle while I bulk again to rev up my metabolism might be in order?


Were you getting enough fish oil & flax?

Also what was your diet & your training like before you started the V diet? You didn't suddenly plummet from bulking to cutting did you?

Hmm. Not sure what else. You didn't accidently turn into a breatharian and take in too many kcals from light did you?


20 grams fish oil a day, 10 grams fat from flax oil a day, some coconut milk mixed into breakfast. Before this i was doing 'One Lift A Day' with parameters varying every day, and eating a maintainance diet [anabolic style - low carb]. I think the combination of very hard training, very low calories and working 45 hours a week as a storeman [constantly lifting VERY heavy shit], as well as 40 hours a week of university, coupled with admittedly kinda shitty sleep habits was what did me in - the combo of all those extreme factors must of just caused my body to jump into some bizarre survival mode.

I think I might try it again after a month or two of bulking / maintenance now that the semester is over, but I will probably increase the calories a tad to compensate for my 8 hour 5 day a week 'workouts'. I know I'm an anomoly by and large, but I am wondering anyone else with highly physical jobs have anything similiar happen?


Perhaps too few calories was my inital reaction. If you went from eating 4,000 a day straight into a V-Diet of 1800 or so a day... Even the effectiveness of the V-Diet wont be able to ward off the bodies "Oh shit...where is the food" response.