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My Experience on the Body of Fire Program

I recently purchased the Body of Fire program that most are probably familiar with it. I have a decent amount of weight to lose and figured that why not go with it, I knew that with that kind of exercise my strength would probably drop significantly but figured that if it’d help me drop weight faster, the faster I’d get back to strength training.

Well, there I go banging out the endless amount of BW work, wide-out drop squats and mountain climbers and jumping rope like never before. And I have to admit that I felt that my overall conditioning did grow for the first two weeks or three weeks, until surprisingly it began to get tough on my joints… Even though following the program to a T.

Not to mention the so called “customer service” that’s advertised, “Get you questions answered in 24h” blablabla bullshit if you ask me, I had a simple question, emailed it to them and got an Auto-response to wait for the question to be answered on this “www.mysupportemail.com”-site with my ticket and all… Well never heard of the answer but my ticket got deleted or something… Never got any kind of answer, that’s for sure.

So anyways back to the joint pains, my knee is still F’d up even though it’s been a couple of weeks since I had to stop following the program, and surprising as it is as I requested for the refund (60 days) I haven’t gotten any response. Yay.

I used to have great belief in Waterbury and his programs, and not to say that the ones he used to write for T-Nation weren’t great but this one is bullshit for the regular folks. If you are overweight, but still think you can pull off doing endless amounts of bodyweight drills without it getting on your joints, and workout like a pro-athlete or “movie-star” (with nothing else to do) then go for it, yippikaayee for you, but if you live a regular life, go to a normal job, have family etc, then this program might probably be a little overboard…

Rarely do I feel the need to rant about anything but this I feel strongly about, considering I have thought well of Waterbury and his methods… And btw, I’m 23 years old, I’ve been lifting weights since I was 15, being a member and following programs from this site and I weigh in around 230 lbs at around 20ish BF.