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My Experience On the Anabolic Diet Part III


I'm not sure why the last thread was closed, it only got up to 46 pages. I guess this is going to have to be the new AD thread


I keep getting light-headed when I stand up from my desk. I'm at maintenance calories (3600) with 50/50 protein and fat.
This is my third week since returning to the AD. I haven't had any other trouble to speak of: energy is fine, strength is good throughout the week, no real cravings. Should I bump the fat content up? Or drink more water?
Thanks for any tips.


Have you had this before? I get this all the time, hypostatic orthotension. As far as I know it's mainly from low blood pressure, a lot of salt is suggested and since this is a very low carb diet most of the time you would need even more daily salt/electrolytes.


It happened last time I was on the AD as well, and probably caused me to pass out once while donating blood. I've donated multiple times without trouble on a regular diet.

I'll try adding more salt, thanks for the suggestion.


ha ha ha... ok so I love the anabolic diet. Its great. But i thought you guys would get a kick out of this. I just stumbled upon it while surfing the web looking for AD stuff. Such scummy marketing....



Pumped, did you read my last reply?


I would still want to hear DH's response if I were you but I'll give you my opinion.

If your taking in the same amount of calories each day I don't think your really going to notice that much of a difference in body composition from taking away carb ups and putting ~100g or so around workouts. That plan is OK/good but mainly after you've become fat adapted (which at this point you probably have), I just don't think your going to see much of a difference in results. I did that last year and the results weren't really anything special and takes more planning as well. If you want to give it a shot then sure, try it out, since you will anyway :wink:


[b]WEIGH IN[/b]
-Fat gain very noticeable
-waistline up ~1/4in
-No weight change
-Skinfolds way up

I'm the same weight I was in June with my waistline being almost 3/4in. larger and skinfolds way higher. AND I was on the GSD back then so it's not like I had increased water weight from carbs or anything then


It can be very tough to address stuff like this over the internet.

Forgive me for missing it if you already said, but what are your stats? It almost sounds like your getting too few calories and or not getting results from your weight training. In other words slowly losing muscle and gaining fat though SOME water effect is undoubtedly in there somewhere.


Stats as of now:
Height: 5'11-6'0
Weight: Started at 183.6, now at 184.5
BF%: Started AD with ~13%, now at 14.5%

I'm really not sure what's wrong. Maybe I'm taking in too much fat, although DH suggested I start with 200g and I'm only at 180g right now (60%). Should I bring protein up and fat down?

As for training, I'm doing 5/3/1 4x per week consistently getting stronger on most lifts. The last 2 workouts before my weigh in this morning were deload workouts but other than that I'm definitely not taking it easy during training and as I said I am getting stronger which is another reason I don't understand whats wrong.


Pumped.. this was your first carbup right? You weighed in right before? Just trying to get all the facts. you came from another diet... what was the difference in calories from that one to this one?


This was right before the 2nd carb up, first one was last Sunday.

GSD (basically very low calorie AD) finished ~5 weeks ago, went up to about 260p/100-150c/75g so about 2300 calories until about 2-3 weeks ago and have been on the AD since

Thinking about dropping from 2700 calories, 235p/30c/180f that I'm at now to 2500 calories, 260p/30c/150f this week but I'd like to hear Tribulus' and DH's opinion.


Yeah hopefully they will chime in. As someone who only did it for 4 months and was not as low as you in bodyfat to begin with I don't have anything concrete to say. Better to leave it to the experts. Hopefully they can help you dial it in.



I'm afraid I cannot help, as I have the same kind of question.

The first 12 days phase is over, and as I though, as I was already fat adapted, bumping fats to 60-62% didn't make me sick at all, I felt perfectly fine, for an avereage of 2400-2500Kcal (for a weight of 148.8 lbs). Does that alone, means that I'm an efficient fat burner ? Or could a people working better on carbs (a minority, I know) could go unnoticed ?

Now I want to go straight to the cutting phase, however I cannot drop 500Kcal directly as I'm already moderate in calories, so I'm just cutting 25g of fat (225Kcal) per day for this week, to see what happens.

My question is about the carb load day (I've decided to stick to a 12h timeframe) : in a cutting phase, should the carb load day still be kind of unlimited ?



ok.. Lets get this sucker back on the top. Maybe DH will see it and help out pumped. I am into my second week back on the AD. Just to let other AD vets know who have maybe hopped off the diet, I skipped the induction phase this time around because I had done the AD for 4.5 months earlier this year.

Getting back into it was a breeze. Body picked it right up. No digestive issues, no energy problems either lifting or otherwise. I am going to stick with 18x bodyweight for a few weeks though to be sure I am fully adadpted before I start adding calories.


IMO, the carb-up is the key to any good CKD programme (assuming your nutrients and calories are correct the rest of the time). The traditional 48-hour loading phase of the AD is complete overkill. You are thus correct in shortening it to 12 hours (or less) for maximum fat loss. Regarding carb load, assuming you're completely depleted any more than 400g or so of carbs is likely to be stored as fat - so why consume it?
The more fat you want to lose the more diligent you need to be around the carb load. Of course, consuming calories above maintenance at this point can benefit your fat to muscle ratio by increasing leptin levels. And, the mental relief at eating some comfort food cannot be overlooked. However, using that as an excuse to swallow 1000g of carbs and whatever else is again overkill and counter-productive.
FYI, John Berardi recommends a calorie ceiling of 2.5x normal dietary levels while reloading, e.g. normal diet = 2000kcals; therefore reload max calories = 5000kcals. Bear in mind he also advocates reloads one day every two weeks while on a very low calorie plan. So if you're reloading once a week you may want to revise that downward to start with.


Thanks for your help.

Indeed in the past I experienced the 48h carb up days, and at one point, my fat loss stalled (I was probably overeating in the weekend).

Currently I am at 2100 cal on off-days, 380 more on training days (2 more WHY shakes, Leucine, Glutamine), and the maximum calories I foresee for the 12h carb up is around 4000, for an average of 455g of carb (~45%). I'm under the 5000, I hope it's fine.

I will use this more correct protocol and see how my body reacts to it. I'm aware of the glycogen store limit, but as you pointed out, the psychological benefits are important too.

I will keep you informed of my results.



hi all.

i have just started the anabolic diet, currently going into the 5th day of the startup phase. its been going pretty alright so far, just getting tired faster than usual.

anyways, i just wanted to reconfirm with you guys regarding the 30g carb limit. when we count the carbs, we can leave out the fibre content right? like say for example a food item has 4g of carbs, with 2g of it being fibre. does that mean we can assume overall carb content consumed is 2g?


I thinks DiPasquale recommends that you do not count fiber, in the overall carb count, I am in the start up phase too, this is my third time around, second cutting. I am only taking in like 10g a day during the week minus fiber.


What do you think about Rob Faigin´s recommends to carb-up in short cycles and only for single meals? Every 3rd to 4th day 250-300g of Carbs for the last or last two melas of the day instead of a big carb-load for a whole day or even an whole weekend? I think it sounds really good. 250g of carbs on wed and even so on sun, instead of 500g only on sun.