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My Experience On the Anabolic Diet Part II


The final posting issues due to the massive, often-referred thread were enough to start an easier to manage discussion. Credit to KingIndy for the suggestion.

This thread as a whole has become a wealth of information and supportive discussion for those interested in utilizing or experimenting with the Anabolic Diet.

Let the information flow continue.


Indy, is there a significant gap in the increase elicited by monounsaturated fats versus saturated fats?

I never had associated mono’s to be important in that sense. I guess I’ll be goin’ back to choking down olive oil.


Hey Mods! If possible, would you make part I a sticky? Best thread on the site bar none.


Thank you for taking the initiative to get us on a manageable thread.

From what I’ve read, monounsaturated is actually better, but the ratio of saturated to polyunsaturated is important as well… meaning more saturated to polyunsaturated is correlated to higher T levels.

I actually don’t mind olive oil, put it in your shake, the taste mostly disappears. Natural peanut butter is another great option though… only 3 net carbs to deal with for 2 tbsp while you get 13g of monounsaturated.


Getting your BioSig done is pretty simple. You go to the poliquin website and use their online search function to find someone close to where you are.

From there on, it took just one phone call to set it up. The guy came home, (offered to come to my office!), took the measurements asked some questions about how I train, nutrition plan etc.
I got my results that night. (time may vary of course).


Chin: 4mm
Cheek: 6.9mm
Pec: 5mm
Tricep: 4.1mm
Mid-Ax: 5.5mm
Sub-Scap: 9mm (highest)
Suprailiac: 6mm
Calf: 4mm
Knee: 5mm
Umbilical: 8.9mm


Indy, I used EVOO today in my shake. It wasn’t bad, but I only really hate the direct taste of olive oil. I hate imbibing JUST oil to begin with, but the unique taste of olive oil I’ve really learned to dislike.

Mixed in water it’s not that bad, though. I never thought to look at my peanut butter fat ratios. I started looking at various things last night, but EVERY single thing I was interested in only listed total and trans fat content.

So, what you’re suggesting yields an optimal balance in the concept of the ratio, 1:2:3 (rough for simplicity) being polys:saturates:monos?

Evil, that’s pretty impressive. Those measurements look good, too. Do you have any pictures I could see? Also, I’d like you to talk about the price of the analysis. Great how convenient it seems!


On the topic of fats, would somebody provide a list of healthy fats to easily add calories onto the AD? I realize to fully adapt, many calories need to come from fat and lean meats, fish, cheese, etc. don’t have enough. Maybe provide an example of the amount of daily fats during a weekday (fish oils, heavy cream, EVOO, butter). Thanks.


A list of the healthiest:

Fish Oil
Flax Oil

Olive Oil
Almonds - other nuts
Natural Peanut Butter

Whole Cheese


Does that help? If you want to be really clean about it these are the best but there are many more options… polyunsaturated with omega 3’s do limit you. Buy omega 3 eggs, omega 3 peanut butter(flax oil added) and get plenty of fish oil first, flax oil second.


Thanks KI, I’m gonna save that post for when I actually start the AD in a few weeks. Just winding down the Velocity Diet now and have seen some pretty fantastic resutls. 195 --> 184 after 3 weeks…well on the way to a good summer cut.

I’m guessing the lack of other meats listed above means white meats (pork, chicken) are low in sat. fats? Where would dairy fats fall here? Mostly saturated?


Pork can be high in saturated fats, but pork also has a huge range of types of meats and cuts. Pork PRODUCTS are typically quite unhealthy due to added cures, preservatives, flavorings, etc.

Poultry and fish are quite low in saturated fats, even something like chicken thighs. None of it really compares to lamb and beef.

Dairy is thought to typically be saturated. Most animal fats will have a high percentage of saturates while plant sources hardly ever seem to be saturated.


I think it may be beneficial if you all tried grouping members by weight…decide whose made the best results in given area and then the group can have a ballpark calorie/ratio scheme


Thanks for the info on Bio Signature Evil1,
and good idea to start a new thread NZ!



I’m currently reading through the discussion thread for the Get Shredded Diet to scout out any tips and troubleshooting.

One thing that kind of hit me was the low protein. 120-140g on my diet? That’s not even my bodyweight… I ALSO had just read that Protein Cycling article last night in which the author attempts to cycle periods of what we would call ‘normal protein intake’ with like, 40g/day kinds of intake to elicit a druglike effect. As far as I’ve read in the thread, JB hasn’t clarified anything on the protein, but it is sinking in that this could very well be the reason my AD cutting has been so stupidly ineffective. My protein has been typically very high.

I plan to modify my ADing into the Get Shredded plan using a breakdown of 40g C, 100g fat, 140g P each day (give or take) to give me about 1600 cals. Last night I calculated just over 1900 and I was hungry as all hell thinking, “god damn, and I’m still 300 over.”

My biggest change will essentially be ditching the red meat except for maybe a meal a day. Chicken, EVOO, and broccoli…here come the old-school bodybuilding diets.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know how the next week goes because dropping my protein intake (if that is indeed my problem) should elicit an immediate change I think.

Do you guys have any recommendations on using HOT-ROX Extreme? I have a bottle, but I don’t want to use it until I’ve “figured this out”, so as to maximize its efficacy. I was also thinking, once I do bring it in, perhaps I could cycle it and make observations week to week like Berardi suggested (but without the use of a weaker supplement).


[quote]nz6stringaxe wrote:

Do you guys have any recommendations on using HOT-ROX Extreme? I have a bottle, but I don’t want to use it until I’ve “figured this out”, so as to maximize its efficacy. I was also thinking, once I do bring it in, perhaps I could cycle it and make observations week to week like Berardi suggested (but without the use of a weaker supplement).[/quote]

JB recommends taking 3 HRX during the breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals…but the bottle says take 2 pills twice a day on an empty stomach. I prefer the latter method because HRX that late in the day (dinner) interferes with sleep. I take 2 first thing in the morning with BCAAs and then do my fasted cardio before breakfast. The second dose I take 6hr after the first, so never after 1pm, on an empty stomach.

Get shredded is soooo calorie restrictive, it definitely looks painful! I wish you luck and success on it. Thank god for the refeed days!


For GSD reg. HOT-ROX are used that often FYI. I’ve been on GSD while using Meltdown II as my training…I lost a lot of everything. I like the Velocity diet a lot better…Maybe its the supplements that are keeping me together but GSD just didn’t work for me. Also I believe I tried GSD after a not so glorious attempt at dropping weight so again my thyroid/metabolism etc. was probably dead at this time


As it is higher in fats is chicken thigh fillet preferred over chicken breast?



[quote]Nat7774 wrote:
As it is higher in fats is chicken thigh fillet preferred over chicken breast?

Thanks. [/quote]

more likely because it is a damn sight tastier as well.
Skinless chicken thigh - 35% fat calories.
Chicken Breast w/ Skin - 35% fat calories


Okay after getting into preparation for the AD, I FINALLY got my cholesterol tests through!! (only took like 3 weeks!..jeez!)

So now I can officially start the AD on full-tilt!! and will post my results as I go along!

Appreciate all the support guys!



Ok so I’ve decided to hit up the AD again…while adhering to Berardi’s 10 habits. Which will be easy and will fit the AD guidelines as well. And I’ll keep cheat meals to 10%/week. So on my carb ups that’ll give me 2 cheats on both Saturday and Sunday, the rest clean! My only ice is that I still have W/O fuel and Surge left so I think I’ll use the rest of those up when I bulk and then transition back onto the AD train. Alright, so my second 12 day-induction should be cake as I’ll be coming off the Velocity Diet…so in one month I’ll be here everyday or so instead of there


Awesome Max, I’ve been very interested to see unpublished blood profile changes from this diet.

Good to have another head aboard, BK.

Just so I know, is anyone also trying to follow Get Shredded in conjunction with this right now?

I took in about 1600 cal yesterday, and it sucked a lot, but after starving myself I fortunately realized I still had a comfortable amount of food left to bring in. The mirror looked alright today, I was kind of impressed.

I’m beginning to think that my hopes of dieting down at my ‘typical BF% range’ in a ‘healthy, comfortable’ manner are just unrealistic and my fat doesn’t start coming off until I shock my body into something horrible.

Once again, this whole diminished protein intake is VERY interesting to me. I absolutely hate the chains we are bound by from the psychological fear of losing muscle. It’s not like it doesn’t happen, but those of us who have never experienced it and are coming up from skinny bodies rather than FFB bodies let it control us.

Any experimentation with diminished protein is deemed suicidal for your physique because we’re conditioned to be so scared to lose our hard work.

This is just a thought, but I think it would be nice if someone were to leave this thread due to leaving the dietary practice, if they would post one final time, summarizing their impressions of the diet, the pros, cons, and troubles they had and how they did or didn’t fix them.