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My Experience on TB500 /BPC 157 While on TRT

Hi guys!

I decided to run BPC 157 and TB 500 because of many many joint problems.

As there are many guys with joint problems on trt i thout it might be a good idea to post it here.

Trt Protocol:

Testo E 62,5mg E3d
Adex 0,25mg E3d
HCG 250 U E3d

Age: 24 // 85kg/ 184 cm// 9 years of Bodybuilding

Fucked up joints:

Shoulder left: done by surgery on 4th of january 2016 (Ac joint probs + impingement)
Shoulder right: intern impingement
Knee left: patella tendonitis
Elbos: pain in the joint and tendons very often
wrists and hips: sometimes pain, not very often

I stopped workout at all some month ago, only doing rehab stuff, but things still went worse (only emprofement was the surgery of the left shoulder)

I started at the 13th of February:


250yg PBC at three different spots (Knee left) Shoulder left and right // every day
2,5mg of TB 500 in the belly fat // every 3 days

What happened so far?

Innflamation in the left knee is getting better. i can say that 4 sure.
Shoulder left: nothing special. I am doing progress with my rehab exercieses…but nothing related to the peps

shoulder right: less pain during pressing (pressing 8 kg dumbells for rehab) (could be realted to the rehab exercieses too)

elbow: nothing that i could really confirm
same with wrists ands hips…

Feel freee to ask, i hope you are interessted in the topic

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This might have a better audience in the pharma [steroid] forum.

I don’t think that folks here know what those agents are.

General;y, TRT guys do not have joint problems, may be BB specific.

Most in this forum are not BB guys, but we are picking up more and more.

Hey, I have shoulder injuries and want to get on TB500 and BPC157. I am 22 years old. Where should I go about getting these peptides? through a doctor or is there another reputable source??

Some of these are not “drugs” and a doc cannot Rx.
Sources are not discussed for legal reasons.