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My Experience Ghrp2, Ghrp6


Hey guys, I was gonna start up a 'summery/log' of my experience with ghrp2, and ghrp6 earlier but got lazy and busy with holidays and so on. Happy holidays/merry Christmas by the way!

Im just gonna break down the basics, about how long I ran both peps, sides i experience, and the pro's. ANY questions you have about how things went with me, if i dont post it, feel free to ask questions on this thread. Id rather have the questions out here on the board vs in my pm cause I might get alot of the same Q's asked several times and need to indevidualy answer them.

Thanks to the peptides and reconstitution threads, and BAM for the posts/help on these peptides.

Just for starters, I only picked up 2 5mg vials of each rp2, and rp6. I wanted to see how they both went and guessed they would last me 3-4 months if i play the right cards.They did not last this long lol.

Started with the ghrp-6. My goals are increased appetite-trying to hold the weight from the previous cycle, and inhance my PCT. After the pct is complete the goals are to bulk up as close to 200lbs naturaly before hitting my next cycle in Febuary.

First ghrp6 pin, early Nov. Just started my pct of clomid 50mg ed x4 weeks, 20mg nolva ed x4 weeks. Weight was around 180lbs. To add to this, I didnt drop 1lb durring pct, I gained.

From the moment the pin entered(100mcg) to the time i set it down on the counter top, I just simply thought "i hope this shit works as well as they say..." and it sure did. About 3 minutes after inject subq I began to get hungry, after feeling kinda crappy and not wanting to eat(early am hrs). I got warm and started to break a very light sweat trying to wash dishes as quickly as possible to cook up some eggs and hashbrowns.

By the time those eggs and hashbrowns were finished I was starving watching every minute pass on my phone's clock. It got very intense. 25 minutes arrived after pin and I started shoveling the food down. After I finished those 3 hashbrown patties and 4 eggs I counted up the cals and saw that with the milk i consumed about 1400 calories within about 5 minutes. I was smiling ear to ear saying how this shit hit me to my wife.

Pretty much everytime I pinned it for those first 2 weeks I got this same effect. Actually made an ass out of myself in front of my wife when we went out to eat cause the witress didnt move fast enough and get shit going lol.

Around the 4th week of the ghrp6, the appetite started to slow down a little, took longer to kick in-like 20mins vs 3 mins. It still gave me the desired effect though.

Then I finished that vial and tried the ghrp2. I did not get the same effect of hunger as with the ghrp6, but it did make me feel more hungry throughout the day.

Ive been using the GHRP2 for a few weeks now, and am noticing aggravation with my minor gyno lump in my left nipple. It was pre-existing from my first cycle (test e, anadrol). Its not noticable to the eye, but i can feel the little marble. Now its swelling a little and getting sore. I think I will be discontinuing the ghrp2 and going back to ghrp6. The 6 gave me a better response for apetite stimulation.

Other sides. Recently Ive been noticing tingling in my hands. Now I know this is a side some users get from GH, and im led to believe it is related in this case. very randomly at work or walking through the store, my pinky/ring fingers on both hands get a really light tingle in them. Its not very strong feeling or annoying, just weird. As if my hands fell asleep and came back quickly before numbing out...I know its not in my head-it was never a thought in my mind to have this side effect, gh release was not my first reason to try these peps. i tried them mainly for appetite off cycle, and when I go back on cycle.
I blame the tingling sensation to these peps/gh release cause I have nothing else going on, that may be contributing as far as im concerned.

Im sleeping very well, sometimes dont want to get out of bed, but feel refreshed later on at work. My wife has been complaining that I snore alot-every night, and I didnt before the ghrp use so we both think its due to the better sleep quality. I seem to fall asleep quicker, and when I fall asleep im knocked out cold.

Im recovering very fast, I was deadlifting like every 3 weeks, now Im able to squat, and deadlift every week.

My deadlift numbers were always low but to show you all how far they've gone in such a short time, durring and post PCT here are lifting stats of before use, and present time/use.

DL was 3x8 with 235, now DL's for 6x4 with 340
squats were 265 for 4x6, now 330 for 6x4
bench was 225 3x8, now 250 3x8, and 265 for 6x4

I now weigh 192lbs solid(my profile pic im 180lbs before ghrp). I made my way up to 194lbs but lost a couple lbs due to nerves buying my new LS V8. I wouldnt say my bf went up much at all, to be realistic it may have gone up 1%.

My calories prior to the ghrp were between 4300 and 5000, and ive been able to consistantly eat easily 5-5400 calories a day with no problems.

I will continue using ghrp6 up to, and durring my upcomming cycle, and that pct. when the appetite slows down I will take a 2-5 day break off the peps, then get back on them.

Any questions on more detail feel free to post, I may have forgotten to mention some things and have no problem sharring my experience.


This was a re-post of the original thread I posted on another board. If anyone wants more details or has questions post up or pm


You didn't lose any weight, but how did your gains do vs. normal pct?


The last two pct's was cycle 1 test e and anadrol, I gained about 20-22lbs and after pct I kept about 10lbs of it, lost a bit of strength gained from the cycle. After that pct was complete I ended up loosing another 3-5lbs do to not eating properly. Cycle 2 I did a 2 weeker of test/dbol/tren ace and gained about 7lbs, kept about 3-4lbs from that.

Then I did a test prop(75mg ed wk1-6) dbol(50mg preWO wk1-6) and winny(50mg ed wk1-6) and weighed out around 182lbs at the beginning of pct while gaining quite a bit of strength. I started the ghrp-6 (100mcg x3 ed) at the start of that pct and I got up to 194lbs in about 2 months from the beginning of my pct. My strength is much more greater now than it was on my latest cycle, im guessing due to increased appetite and fast recovery+improved sleep.

The peptide addition to my pct was a huge help-I recovered quickly, ate like a horse, and I stayed filled out. Actually I strongly feel, and close friends have also said I looked much more filled out and "mass'd" durring my ghrp use.

well known vets/my teachers from TSC advise to use it on cycle, as well as pct and off cycle-basically as long as you can. Its said to greatly inhance the effects/gains on cycle. Just like the addition of HGH on AAS is obviously better than HGH solo. The appetite inhancement is the biggest boost for me personaly. I plan to use ghrp-6 and grf all this year.


My pct from cycle 1 was nolva 40/40/20/20, pct 2(2 weeker) i did nolva 20/20, cycle 3 I did nolva 20/20/20/20 and clomid 50/50/50/50 with the addition of ghrp


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