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My Evil Lil Experiment

Ok, Joel and Shugs, your articles are driving me nuts with giddiness. I am going to do a steroid dieting/cheating 5x5 and GPP protocol. Whww, I managed to say that in 1 breath. Right now, I am 250 lbs, 6’ tall at 17%bf. Alright, I am going to do Mag-10 at double dose for the first week frontload, and regularly thereafter. In addition, I will also take 50mgs of winstrol ed. I will do this cycle just like the Mag-10 success plan, but use arimidex instead of tribex and M. I plan to do Joel’s cheating diet, and use 400-600 mgs of ala with my surge, and also on the cheat days. I also have my plethora of flax oil and fish oil caps. I have already made great gains with the 5x5 protocol, and will do it again. I was also thinking of doing some chains, sled drags, and if I can get one, a large tire to flip around the yard. If anyone still has a parts list for the sled, I’d greatly appreciate it. How would t2 and t2-pro work in this regimen? I will definently post results and try to post my silly looking pictures. -The Starkdog

Skip the T2 and/or T2Pro; it’s not neccesary when periodically overfeeding. I would def. go w/ MD6 pre-cardio only, however, if you have access. Also, given your BF%, i would def. go with a carb refeed type protocol equal to or slightly higher than your maintenance intake over an 7-8 hour period in the evening of the specified days. The breakdown should be 70% carbs, 20% protein, and whatever fat you cant avoid. Bagels, pretzels, low fat pop tarts, fat free ice cream, low fat cookies, candy w/ little fat, bread, pasta etc. are all find choices. Just be sure to limit your fructose intake, esp. in the form of high-fructose-corn-syrup. By using this protocol, you should get the desired leptin response w/o the fat gain because of depleted glycogen stores.

Hey Joel, for cheat days what about those Olestra chips we all make fun of?

I’d rather you have something baked w/ little fat. Olestra isn’t the best as far as overall health is concerned.

Very well handled, Joel. Personally, I would have just said, “You’ll be pissing out your ass if you eat that crap!”

Thanks Eric; I try, bud.

Crap. I better go tell mom.

Alright, my experiment is WORKING!!! I started the restriction like Joel stated in his article, Sunday, and was 250 @ 17%bf. Today,Tuesday, I am 250 at 16.2% bf(The calipers ranged from 15.8 to 16.4%). The pump from the Mag-10 and winstrol is incredible. I started lifting after a month long furlow( thought I had kidney stones), and was doing sumo deads with 225 for 5x5, romanian deads with 275 for 5x5. I did a single at 315, but my forearms were about to explode. I love the suggestion(Jason Norcross?) to take 4-600 mgs of ALA with Surge. I could feel it, and I didn’t feel wiped out like I normally do after surge. Thanks again for the responses, and hopefully soon, I’ll post pictures. I look similar structure-wise to Steve Coppola, but he is more cut than I am. Damn Krispy Kreme donuts. Anywho, thanks again. -The Starkdog