My Estrodial

I went to my endchronologist and lobbied to get onto KSmans prOtocal of 2x week injection sub q, arimidex, and hcg. He denied the arimidex because didn’t have my estrodial test yet. I just had it with quest diagnostic and it was the ultra sensitive test. I was 24 out of <=29. Is that a high score? Should I be trying to get the arimidex? My libido is rockin but I feel like I’m retaining water am I just imagining this?

I think 24 is ideal especially if you’re feeling good.

So a score of 24 out of <=29 from quest diagnostic is an ideal score?

I don’t know what you mean when you say, “out of”. The <29 means for this test anything less than 29 is “in range”. I believe there is an ultra sensitive E2 test that is more accurate. The ideal E2 is in the low 20’s…so yes 24 ain’t bad…matter of fact it’s pretty damn good.

I see no need for an AI - you’re E2 is not elevated. All an AI will do is tank your E2 and make you feel like shit.

Sorry I should maybe explain better. I took the ultra sensitive test. The “normal range” says < = 29. So I am under the understanding that it is 0-29=normal. I scored a 24.

I guess I’m confused and maybe this question will help. I noticed people trying to get their e2 around the low twenties, is that an ultra sensitive score from quest diagnostics? Or some other blood test I should be taking?

You appear to be fine.

Note we usually prefer the 4021x test from QUest. I think their range is now 0-39 (from 12-54 or something a couple years ago).

Thanks VT and Db. Also I am going to start doing subq 2x a week rather than once every two weeks. You guys think that’ll lower my e2 also?

Umm yeah…substantially.

Thanks. I start my first sub q shot in a couple days. I’m pretty excited.