My Estradiol is Very High But I Feel Ok. Advice?

I started TRT 6 months ago my dose is 250mg per week split Tuesday/Friday

My testosterone level is 1500, range 280-980
My free T is 48
My estrodiol is 100, range 8-43

What’s the best option lower the dose a bit to maybe 200mg per week?
Also I could split the dose more often to get less big peaks,

I had estradiol at 115 before and total T at 1250 and felt great other than my libido seemed low. I went to daily injections 10 weeks ago and the libido seemed to come back. Getting my bloodwork today just out of curiosity to see if the daily injections lowered the E2.

Do you have water retention? high blood pressure from the water retention? No symptoms and I wouldn’t worry about it.

I have no water retention at all and I have high libido,
I have noticed I’m a bit sharp the past couple weeks with wife etc but I put that down to lockdown,
I’m considering dropping the dose slightly to get testosterone level closer to 1200,
And doing 3 times per week instead of Tuesday/Friday split,
Also I’m not sure if the test was the sensitive essay,

I would roll with it, personally, if you feel good and no sides. If you are taking anything else with test (for IBD or colitis isues for example) you could easily have some metabolites inflating that number on a non-sensiive assay.

Also I bet your testosterone is much higher then 1500. Is there a “>” in front of the 1500? Your lab probably doesn’t measure anything over 1500.

If you feel great, and Low T symptoms are gone, why lower your dose? Estradiol is high? What’s high mean? You’re above the lab range because you’re on trt. Your body is supposed to convert testosterone to estradiol.

Yes there is a > next to the 1500,
Not sure if I should try to get closer to 1200

My protocol is 250mg test
75mg Primo per week,
The primo is to keep my shbg at bay as it was very high,

I know Tren showa up as E2, not sure about Primo.

Primo definitely don’t show as estrodiol,
I wonder if it could have boosted the testosterone result though,
I remember watching a video from moreplatesmoredates on YouTube we’re he done deca only cycle for 3 months got bloods done and the testosterone test mistakes deca for testosterone,
He actually would have had no or minimal testosterone in his system but the test come back high testosterone

If it’s >1500 then the testing is useless cause your levels could be 1501 - 2500 Or even more.

I doubt there 2500 on 250mg test with a free T of 48

I did some calculations. If your SHBG was 30, your testosterone levels would be 1650 with free t being 48. But you don’t know your SHGB. Let tru running 2 extremes brb

So the absolute lowest your SHBG probably can be is. 21. At this level your numbers would be:
TT 1501
Ft 48.2

Now if you had a very high SHBG your numbers would look like this
TT 2000
Ft 47.7

My shbg is 27 bro

My shbg is 27 bro
So that means my test is around 1700 I think

Oh ok. Then in that case I’m confident to say you’re at about 1600

Ok cool so I could reduce to around 200mg and probably still get around 1200 test level,

Reduce and you may feel just as good. I would keep same frequency. And assess symptoms after 6-8 weeks.

Don’t do a sudden drop like that. Go down 10mg every 2 weeks. But if you have no issues why mess with anything?