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My Estradiol is 81

Decided to get tested because I suspected my test to be low. Never cycled before and I’m 20 years old. Endo told me he’s making me have an MRI tomorrow to rule out a possible Pituitary tumor. Told me an AI won’t do anything for me but give me side effects and wants to prescribe me test every 3 weeks.

Here’s my blood work:

T3: 2.25 nmol/l (1.3-3.0)
T4: 106.95 nmol/l (60-160)
Free T4: 20.63 pmol/l (10-25)

TSH: 1.70 mU/l (0.2-5.6)
LH: 5.79 U/L (0.8-8.0)
FSH: 5 U/L (0.5-11)

Prolactin: 10.59 ug/l (<20)
Estradiol: 300.94 pmol/l (70-150) (double checked this a day after, was 238)
Progesterone: 6.20 nmol/L (0-3.0) (double checked this a day after, was 5.60)

TOTAL testosterone: 11.32 nmol/l (7.0 - 28) ((double checked this a day after, was 11.50)
(unfortunately Free test wasn’t available)

Cortisol: 0.98 umol/l (0.15 - 0.70)
Growth hormone: 0.065 ng. ml (0.004 - 1.406)
PTH: 3.68 pmol/l (1.5 - 9.3)

What kind of test every three weeks??? he’s worried about side effects from an AI but not from peaks and troughs from testosterone every three weeks??? that’s ridiculous!! Why isn’t he looking at high cortisol? why didn’t he check ft3? How much do you weigh and how tall are you? Prolactin,lh,fsh and testosterone are within range why check for prolactinoma?? I guess its better to check but highly doubtful… why is free test not availible? You need more labs…

read the stickies:all of them and don’t make a mess of your thread like I did… make a nice presentation answer all questions in the advice for new guys sticky.

Where are you located?
What is PTH?

GH lab is stupid as GH is released in pulses and has a very short half life in serum. GH leads to IGF-1 which has a longish half life. IGF-1 is the preferred lab as a measurement of GH status.

Yes, doc is a total idiot.

Start with the advice for new guys sticky. We need more data!

Read the thyroid basics sticky, look at your iodine intake history, check your oral waking and mid afternoon body temperatures.

High E2 is probably the cause of you low T. The cause of high E2 can be been overweight or liver problems. Doc is dead wrong about the need for AI. But is correct in the regard that an AI would not fix the cause, only deal with the high E2 symptoms.

Read protocol for injections/