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My Epistane Log


Hello All,

This may or may not be of interest for ya'll, but I figured I'd log my experience and results with my 1st ever run on a PH.

Started Epi from Iron Labs 4 days ago.

I should note - I've been working out on and off my whole life now at 31 yrs of age. After taking summer off I just started going daily again the last month and a half.

I'm 6'0 235lbs with body fat, luckily it goes to my stomach and not on my chest or legs or arms. I've been in much better shape but this is kind of a comeback for me. Anyhow....

Here's what I'm starting with. Again, I'm not a hardcore dude.

Bench: 250lb
Squat: 345lb
Deads: 455lb
Military Press: 185lb(not sure what my top is, I do these for reps)
Barbell Curl: 135lbs
I do other exercises but this is what I'm measuring my strength by. My bench has always been embarassingly low.

Going 20-30-30-40 then using PCT XT from Iron Labs
Also supplementing with:

250 grams protein per day made up of shakes, chicken, beef, egg whites, sardines(lots of em) and cottage cheese, along with some veggies and fiber. This is basically what I eat every single day, except for Sundays I pig out watching football.

Daily Multi-Vit
Fish Oil(lots of it)
Milk Thistle
Magnesium w/chelated Zinc
Vit D(Dr. Recommended)

So today is day 4 of my 1st week.

No change in strength at the gym yet, wasn't expecting any.

I should add I'm very sensitive to all types of pills and supps(coffee fks me up!) So I'm as much concerned with my sides as I am with my gains.

My 1st day on Epi I could not fall asleep. I slept one hr and went to work - came home early and slept all day and night. Now I feel better. I have noticed general dryness all around. Chapped lips, dry mouth, sore sinus(some blood in mucous due to the dryness)
Blood pressure seems like it fluctuates a little more, after my workout I'm pretty beat though and can fall asleep at will.

Yesterday I had a very intense bi, tri and forearm workout. I finished the workout with some forward dips and my chest seemed to cramp(never experienced this before)

Later that night I'd contract my bis and tris and definately noticed either an extended pump or a very mild cramp everytime I flexed. I'm nearly certain this is because I need to consume more water. If it was a cramp, it felt good nonetheless. In any case this morning my arms are still tight and feel like they went thru hell. No problems there.

Tomorrow I hit deadlifts and will attempt to beat my PR of 455.

My goal is to get ready for a power lift meet in February. Need to get my DL to 500, bench to 300, squat to 400...will b a close call.

As I said - I'm a noob compared to some of you guys, so if ya'll see anything I'm missing or don't need, by all means feel free to tip me off!

I'll update as much as possible, for those who are interested in the minute details of what Epi does for yours truly lol..

Edit: To the 7 women that have PM'd me - The avatar IS NOT ME. It's Wooderson from Dazed and Confused :wink:


I didnt read the whole post

Epistane is not a prohormone, it's an active anabolic steroid.

Anything other than a SERM is not suitable for PCT.


Hrmm..already a wrench in the gears. I'm sure you are right. But all the literature I've read on it describes it as a precursor...nothing like Deca or Dianabol.

Any SERM suggestion?


off to buy some nolvadex I suppose...


It doesnt require conversion. Epistane is active in its current form.


So I would assume you consider Superdrol, Halodrol, Methyl T, Tren...all AAS?


Always thought Superdrol, Halodrol, Methyl T, Tren were PHs....then again, once upon a time I thought I knew it all. I'm assuming these are all weak clones with slightly different makeups then the real stuff. I know Epi is nothing close to D-Bol...


Superdrol is also an active steroid. Methyl testosterone is just testosterone altered to be orally bioavailable. It doesnt convert to anything. And Im pretty sure the original halodrol 50s were a drug very similar to oral turinabol and doesnt require conversion.

Who the fuck knows what Tren is. I dont even bother to read about a product with such a stupid name.

What do you think theyre weak clones of? Clones of what?

Superdrol definitely is not weak, at all, btw.

Why do you keep saying that epi is nothing close to dianabol? Anavar is nothing close to Anadrol. What does one have to do with the other? What do you mean by 'nothing close'?


I may be wrong, but pretty sure that superdrol is also active in it's current form.


Not gonna argue about something I'm less than educated on. Just wanted to post my experience on Epi. I do know that what I have is not a preferred AAS and anybody with connections could do better.




Just because a steroid is legal that doesn't make it weak. However, I'd say epistane is sort of like taking a small amount of masteron. It's stronger than proviron, a prescription medication. I'd recommend h-drol instead of epistane if you're only going to use one steroid. Epistane is great in stacks, even though it's really mild. I wouldn't worry about what feels like your blood pressure fluctuating more readily. 20mg of epistane is like 5mg of t-bol.