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My Ephedrine + Caffeine Experience

Hello All,

With lots of ephedrine and caffeine left over sitting in the cabinet, I decided to exhaust this supply before moving on to other supplements to burn fat.

The normal thought is

1 ephedrine + 1 caffeine = energy (lots)

In the begining it was like that. Now the exact opposite happens.

1 ephedrine + 1 caffeiene = CRASH

My body shuts down. The day becomes completely unproductive. I can not think, I feel exhausted, so tired that I can take a nap about 30 minutes after taking it. Forget lifting weights, and performance at work ( thinking ability ) drops to almost zero.

What is going on here and is there a way to fix this problem ?

I had the same experience. i would take one ephedrine (25mg), 1 caffeine (200mg) and one baby aspirin(81mg) 3x/day. worked great, lost lotsa weight at first then it stopped. i upped my dose in the mornings and before my evening workouts by 1/2 an ephedrine pill. i have kept that for the last 2 weeks and so far i have yet to plateau on that amount. i have 4 more weeks of cutting and i am going to keep the upped dosage for another week and then drop back down to 1 pill so i can stop without as major of an energy drop.
i just figured my body adapted to the dosage and decided to up it to jumpstart the progress again. i havent noticed any negative side effects other than a bit of an upset stomach if i dont drink enough water through out the day.
i also found that it worked best to take wait 5 hours between each dose and to take the evening dose at least an hour before my workout so that it fully kicks in before i get there. hope this helps.

That is completely bizzare. I personally haven’t seen or heard of these symptoms before. I’ve used Ephedra on and off, on a cycle right now for trimming excess fat from a bulk. I use it for about 4-5 weeks then take at least 2-3 weeks off.

Initially the energy rush wears off, and I am just left with the even energy feeling. But I’ve never experienced a crash like that brought on by Ephedra usage.

Maybe it’s spoiled? ??

Just so that we make sure we cover the basic possibilities first, lets make sure that:

  1. They’re not expired
    2)They’re in a higher dose then, say 8mg
  2. You don’t drink caffeine all day long as it is. Meaning a 200mg caffeine pill wont do as much for you.

One possibility:

Extracts of Ephedra have been used as a starting material for the clandestine preparation of methamphetamine. Suggesting that Ephedra can be a precursor to methamphetamine!

Methamphetamine = Ecstasy (the drug)

Some effects associated with “Meth”, and therefore, possibly Ephedra are:
Loss of appetite,
Dilated pupils
Loss of concentration,
Tension and trembling of the eyes,
Lack of initiative and motivation,
Grinding of teeth,
Anxiety and confusion,
Dry mouth

Some evidence suggests that many modern so-called natural products are actually “spiked” with synthetic ephedrine (up to 8%) to enhance their immediate effect.

There is also evidence to support these being some of the reasons ephedra was banned in the first place.

MEth = speed, crystal meth

MDMA= E, exctasy

Meth does not equal Exctasy

You’re right. I just kind of jumped a head a bit.

Methylene-dioxy-methamphetamine(MDMA) is the chemical name for Ecstasy.

It is a synthetic psychoactive drug that possesses the stimulant properties of methamphetamine (and hallucinogenic qualities most similar to mescaline).

P.S. Sorry for completly changing the topic of this tread.

start slow, ephedrine only until attenuation, then add caffeine also until attenuation, lastly add aspirin to the mix until you know what, then cycle off for a month or so…

For all those following, I added one herbal yohimbe (8 mg yohimbine) pill and it seemed to help ( significantly ).

I checked my blood pressure and pulse after having the cocktail with a double shot of espresso:

129 / 71 - resting pulse of 58

I was quite happy with the numbers (just in a general health sense) and made it even better that this was “post cocktail”