My Ego is Bruised.....

This game is so hard it’s left me confused and a little sad…

only kidding, but in all seriousness it’s so hard!

fuck it i gave up after i died 5 times on the first level

Gave up in level 5 at a whopping 137 deaths even though that one wasn’t too shabby… resetting was just too frustrating…

even the first level seems close to impossible.

Why do I read these threads?

I’m currently on level 10 with 158 deaths. I think I’ll kill myself before I get to 30.

EDIT: Still on level 10 with 345 deaths. Fuck.

EDIT2: Came back to it and finally beat level 10… with 603 deaths.

On level 10 with a bit over 100 deaths. So frustrating I’m taking a break until I resume.

meh as sad as it is i beat this a while ago… don’t remember the amount of deaths, once you figure out the levels the game is a breeze .
worlds hardest game 2 is much harder actually.

[quote]adam_medic wrote:

This game is so hard it’s left me confused and a little sad…

only kidding, but in all seriousness it’s so hard![/quote]

Top scores :slight_smile:

on level 5 with 23 deaths

Got to level 12 before giving up. Pretty hard, but it’s all timing and placement.

Level 6 with 9 deaths (got most on lvl 4 because I didn’t “get” it).

The game is just about timing. If you hold off on moving your guy for a minute and just watch the blue dots it’s pretty easy to see what you have to do.

Of course, I’m sure it gets much harder.

edit: lvl 6 is owning me so far. Getting the yellow dots is a bitch.

[quote]k.elkouhen wrote:
Top scores :slight_smile:

Shit, I’m officially giving up after seeing that. Played it on and off for quite a while and am up to level 15 with 901 deaths.

It’s all about the timing but that alone can only get you so far. I think I’m pretty good and you can see how many times I had to die to get to level 15 and I think I sussed every level pretty well.

Shit, I didn’t realize you could hide in the corners/certain blocks the dots only partially graze on level 6. Fuck, I was wasting time trying to bust the entire level in one continuous movement.

Got to level 11, not even going to try passing it. I’m done with this game. :frowning:

jus died abt 50 times on level 6.

gave up on 16…at around 320 deaths

I can barely beat level 1, this game makes me want to kill a puppy.

Uggggh i cant beat level ten. The space just seems too tight and its hard to accurately move in a diagonal line.

enter power overwhelming enter

Remember that scene in The Rock when Sean Connery has to time getting into Alcatraz from the rotating grinder thing and those flames?

That would be easier than this game. Fuck.