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My e2 Story, Input Appreciated

First off I am very lean around 10% body fat. 6 ft 4 around 220. I have been on trt for 8 years or so and everything as went well up until 2 months ago. Trt even got rid of my anxiety for those 8 years. Sadly it came back 2 months ago.

My protocol
200mg test with 1mg anastrozole compounded into test oil a week
500iu hcg a week
Bromocriptine 1.25mg 5x a week
T3/t4 24/35mcg
Both hcg and test are divided for 2 shots a week

Everything was going well but my sex drive was slowly dropping. He said my e2 was getting to low so we were taking the ai out of the test and starting 1mg pills 2 times a week. Which to me was more but I was told that when it is in the test I got close to 100% of the ai compared to less than half of the tab form. Anyways my e2 tanked. Anxiety, couldn’t sleep, sore joints, I just felt aweful. After that I stopped my ai for almost 2 months. The whole time never really sleeping that well, I’m thinking it was like a ptsd to having the anxiety attack at night. I couldn’t relax. Which brings me to now I am starting to feel better weather it is time or e2 coming back.

I went and got my e2 test sensitive through lab Corp 140244 I believe. It came back at 42. Of course the last few night I have sleep well. So I called my doc and he was freaking out. Told me that 42 is aweful for my heart and I need to get that down. He wanted me to take .75 ai 2 times a week. I am scared to death. We compromised on .25 3x a week. And checking e2 in few weeks again. I guess I am wondering what everyone’s thoughts are. Does that sound like to much? I really don’t want to crash. Is 42 as aweful as they make it out to be? I would rather start slow I feel like I over respond to anastrozole. HELP!

You need to post full labs before anyone can give you any accurate advice. Off the cuff, I would say your test dose is too high. If you need an AI at all then you have too much T in your system.

Need labs showing SHBG, Total T, Free T, E2 with ranges at the bare minimum.

These are from my last full draw
Progesterone .39
Shbg 23.5
Total test 1085
Free test 296.9
DHEA-s 401.2
Estradiol 13 this test was done roche Celia method. This was a little after I tanked.

Estrogen through sensitive estradiol lapcorp test 140244 was 42 last Tuesday(about 2 months later) It was the only thing my doctor looked at this time.

Thank you for the response. I just don’t want to go overboard on the AI.

You can inject smaller doses twice-weekly to better control estrogen and you may not even need an AI. Smaller more frequent injections can keep testosterone higher and estrogen lower.

I completely eliminated the need for an AI when I went to daily dosing.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems your doctor increased your AI dosing when he removed it from the testosterone cypionate.

Do you have the ranges for those tests? That would be helpful.

It would also be great if you had your SHBG numbers. It looks like you’ve been taking quite the cocktail for a long time. The more free T you have, depending on your body’s rate of aromatization, the more E2 you’re going to have. The trick for therapy is to get Free T to an acceptable level where you feel good (not supra levels), but not so high that you need to keep your hormones unnaturally out of balance. Your body is trying to achieve a natural balanced ratio of Test to Estrogen, so when you’re pushing the limits of Free T, your body tries to bring the ratio back in line by aromatasing some of that into E. That gets too high and you artificially knock it back down with an AI. The problem with that is that a lot of people, and it sounds like maybe you’re in that group, overreact badly to the AI and the E2 tanks. Now you have a very bad ratio of Free T to E and you feel like shit. Not only does it feel bad, but it’s very dangerous for you health long term.

Your possibly bad protocol is starting to catch up with you it sounds like bro. It may be time to go back to the drawing board. Dial it back in. Cut the weekly test dose down some and split it up to 2 or more injections a week. See if you can get a balance and hopefully eliminate the need for everything else.

Good luck with it man.

Yes he did. Which is what I’m wondering about does anyone know if the ai is stronger when you inject it like? My dosage went up because he said in tab form I wouldn’t have as much available to me.

You’re doctor is full of it and you need to find a real TRT doctor. Once a doctor has been caught making stuff up, you have to wonder if everything else coming out of his mouth is truthful or made up.