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My DUP Journey... Strength and Size

Hi Everyone,

Figured It would be good to be more organized for tracking my progress. I’m 35,with a wife and a kid.
Had a minor Hip suregry a few months ago to fix the laberal tear and a cyst on the left side…3 months rehab and then when i got back progress was really slow

That pushed me back a fair bit in terms of my strength and my where i Had reached over the previous 12 months

But not crying over split milk…

Back to my old routine from last year based on DUP where i Squat, DL and bench 3 times a week…Looks like below


  • Squats: 5 * 1-2 reps at 90%
  • Bench: 4 * 4 at 80%
  • Deadlift: 4X8 at 70%
  • Deadlift and hamstring work


  • Deadlifft: 5 * 1-2 reps at 90%
  • Squat: 4 * 4 at 80%
  • Bench: 4*8 at 70%
  • Bench assistance


  • BEnch: 5 * 1-2 reps at 90%
  • Deadlift: 4 * 4 at 80%
  • Squat: 4X8 at 70%
  • Squat hypertrophy

Weight increases by each week for three weeks and then fourth week is deload

Tuesday and Thursday I do push and Pull

Current 1 rep maxes are:

  1. Squats: 120kg
  2. Bench: 95kg
  3. Dealdift: 140kg

Will post videos for form critique regularly…any help advice would be highly appreciated