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My Dream Treadmill...


My gym got new treadmills that have a TV on the console.

THAT'S not my dream...but that treadmill got me to thinking...I'd love if that TV could change to show a long road or a mountain or whatnot, so that when you run you can look at that. The computer on the machine could even include other runners or a drill sergeant or a robot or a hot chick to chase....all kinds of neat things!

It would be neat if you could enter a personal code and it would remember you and how many miles you've done and even do a thing where you could over the course of a year or whatever, see if you could run the distance from New York to Chicago or something.


I have this awesome running tool. The scenery is 360 degrees, the surface under your feet can be changed from grass to asphalt to concrete, and there are plenty of hot women doing it too.

It's called a park.


A park is not a running tool....it is typically a grassy area within an urban are with trees and perhaps some sort of pedestrian walkways.
I read about them in a book.


I'd like to check out one of those manual treadmills or nonmotorized I think it is called.


OP, the gym I use at home has a similar system to your dream, only in bike form. Unfortunately, there never seems to be any speed buildup on the thing, and you cant crash, or make any other riders crash. There goes my hopes for a GTA cardio set up...


cool idea, but, the tv's should have porn on them and everyone should walk/run naked on the treadmills, and you should be handcuffed to the treadmill until you burn your target calories.


Fap and run?


yes, elevates HR more AND burns more kcal.


Sounds like a pretty good idea nards, go and make 1!


uh oh...I'd better patent this idea!!

ah who am I kidding....too lazy.


''Rubs hands together and hollas money making evil style laugh''