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My Dream Girl, Fefe Dobson


Fefe Dobson is fucking FIERCE! If there was ever a girl that would take my eyes off of others it would be her. I have no aspirations of marriage but I'd put a big ass Onyx stone on her fa sho!

These songs have been on every cardio playlist I've made since my freshman yer in high school, I just gotta run when I hear them.....I remember a playlist where it was just these two and Billie Jean on repeat for like an hour.

some other cool songs by her


I remember a few years ago she was pretty popular, at least in Canada. Yeah she's pretty hot, but shouldn't this be in SAMA?


This douchebag skater at my school dated her, no joke.


She's hot I guess but I'm not seeing what makes her so much hotter than any other hot chick.


yea, it should be but I wanted to keep it under the R rating. So I put it here.


She looks like a potential lesbian to me.


Lucky Fucker!

why is it always douchebags? wtf man


i dont know either, actually

maybe its the music


i kindaa get that vibe too but that goes for most women I go after


I guess I can't really say much either, my current girlfriend considered herself lesbian until we started dating, and oddly enough, her last girlfriend before me was one of my previous girlfriends. For some reason, I just can't get into this girl though.


douchebags will get the girl cause they work up the nerve to try. Most of the good guys either overkill the good guy role so to speak or just don't even try cause they think they've already lost. Just my two cents.


you turned a lesbian to a cock lover? mad props man.
side question though, i noticed youre from Delaware

my girl is from Wilmington and she's fairly hawt, all her friends are too

so is Delaware a secret mecca for hot girls? (Wilmington specifically)


this is true

I'm one of the braver good guys but I think I'd be stuttering and shit if ever actually met this one.


There's no such thing as "turning" somone into having an attraction to another sex. It just doesn't work that way.

How's life treating you these days?


I want to agree with this statement, but this was my aunt's specialty.

She used to go after married women (with kids). For a while in the late 70's and 80s she was on a rampage. She had people jumping of the golden gate brigde for her.

Now she's old (and settled down with one of her divorced heteros turned lesbian)but my girlfriend met her recently and was like, "Your aunt is sooooo cool!"

I'm like, "Hmmm . . . . I wish I had the game that my lesbian aunt had!"


life is pretty wicked after leaving the clinic. Having a clear mind is pretty amazing I havent felt this good (naturaraly) in a long time. Starting school Today, I'm taking online classes so I can adjust to the nocturnal thing I'm trying out. Other than that I just got some new bondage gear

Twisted Things planned for this upcoming year

How bout you Old School?


thats not gonna end well for you man lmao


It's my understanding that you have to be somewhat attracted to that sex to begin with, or, the feelings are probably dormant and there's a catalyst that brings those feelings forth.

Listen, i'm beyond confident in my sexuality and i'm sure it's not because I just haven't "met the right guy".

Interesting story, though:)


so um there's no chance of us? I'm your genie, come on rub me


Glad to hear it, Rock. I hope the change of lifestyle works for you and stick with it. Reality can be pretty cool. Sometimes.

Me? Trying to get back in the good graces of the political quagmire that is my job and try to love it more than I hate it.

Otherwise...... Hoping that the the good luck that's happened lately, doesn't turn to shit as it seems to do these days and things are what I think they are.