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My Dr recomended GHRP-6


What is it? And what does it do?



It is a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide. There are several of these and GHRP-6 is not the best choice. It can create intense hunger that would be inappropriate for many. And there are more technically superior and cost effective peptides as well.

Peptides are amino acid based hormones: insulin, hCG, TSH, ACTH, insulin, GH, IGF-1 …

All peptide hormones must be injected.


What would you recommend, i will share it with him, he is very open minded. Thanks


I am currently on ghrp 6 taking the bb dose of 300 mcgs 3x per day…at that 100 mcg dose there is no hunger sides at all. I do feel slightly sleepy after pinning tho YMMV. IMO Ghrp 6 is good even tho it is not the most effective it can be taken for much longer periods of time or indefinitely without negative effects on cortisol or prolactin. BTW sleep quality is amazing


What have you noticed while on it? I lift wieghts and hope it helps with recovery and growth. my Dr said it’s very inexpensive.


I’m on 150 mlg(.75ML) every 5 day’s of test, and hcg, btw.


Yes it is very inexpensive…the time frame it takes to see results is usually a month after starting…I have just started not to long ago, so effects as far as performance goes are not pronounced yet. I believe my strength has gradually begin to climb as fortold by many poster I’ve read.

Also I do feel recovery has somewhat increased and will only get better, as I have not been on 6 for long enough for the full effect. I can tell u tho after my first pin (right b4 bed) I woke the next morning feeling an enormous amount of energy, like I had gotten 18 hrs of sleep, been the same since. I have read it is supposed to have most of the qualities of hgh given time enough for it to take effect on the body.

I also am using cjc 1293 in conjunction which with a synergistic effect is supposed to increase effectivness of the 6. As for inexpensive yes, I got a whole years worth for just over 100$.


Results vary with age and condition of pituitary. Also affected by how ones eating reenforces or blunts the ‘feeding response’ of GH release.

Some of the other peptides are not FDA approved. That will stop most doc’s dead in there tracks.