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My Double Progression Training

Hello. I stumbled on this website thanks to a friend. I find it very interesting. I hope to learn from all of you and give advice if I can. I’ve been lifting for 12 years since I turned 16. I’m a neonatologist currently working my fellowship. I love weightlifting and powerlifting so I train both and I train without equipment. It’s hard because I’m very busy but I find time. My supplements are creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA, zinc and Alpha Male. Here are my stats:

Height: 6’0"
Weight: 260 lbs
Bodyfat: 12%
Snatch: 315
Clean and Press: 335
Clean and Jerk: 385
Squat: 515
Bench: 425
Deadlift: 585

My goal now is to increase my squat. I observe that whenever I increase my squat, my deadlift increases as well so I’ll also be checking my deadlift. I will start at 455x3 and do the following for the next few weeks, squatting 3 times a week:

Week 1: 5 sets, 455x3
Week 2: 5 sets, 460x4
Week 3: 5 sets, 465x5
Week 4: 3 sets, 455x3 (deload)
Week 5: 5 sets, 470x6
Week 6: 5 sets, 475x7
Week 7: 5 sets, 480x8
Week 8: 3 sets, 455x3 (deload)
Week 9: Test new 1RM for squat and deadlift

I will also do the following maintenance work for my other exercises on a 4th day:

A. Power Cleans, 3x3 using 4RM
B. DB Bench Press, 3x3 using 4RM
C1. Weighted Chins, 3x5 using 6RM
C2. Seated Rows, 3x5 using 6RM
D. DB Arnold Press, 3x5 using 6RM
*120 seconds rest between C1 and C2

I’ll keep posted.

Did I read this wrong you want to squat 5bs more then your current one rep max for 7 additional reps in 8 weeks?

Oh wait. I made a serious error calculating the proper poundages.

That looks more doable, these are all raw numbers I assume? Good luck with your training and keep us updated.

Thanks. I’ll only be posting my squat progress. I just plan on maintaining my strength in the other lifts.

That’s a very impressive clean&press. Is it a straight military press or is there a little bit of leg drive too? Still very strong either way.

Thanks. Pressing 335 had no leg drive but it was a very grueling rep. I guess it helps to bench 425. I was exposed to weightlifting before powerlifting so that may explain the ratio.

Training went well today. I completed 5 sets of 455x3. I’ll be doing this twice more this week.

Following this with interest.

Blending Oly’s with the Power lifts is cool!
There, I said it!

Good Lifting!

Perhaps one day you could share your training sched/ideas for achieving a 315 snatch.

Thanks. I won’t dissapoint. I achieved my 315 snatch recently in mid November. Would you believe that 12 years ago, I could barely snatch the bar? I just kept going at it. It took a long time, but I got there.

If my goal right now was to increase my snatch again, I would do the following. This is a 2 times a week training regime doing snatches only in the AM and jerks only in the PM. Each rep is done w/ 20 seconds rest in between. Each set is done w/ 5 minutes rest in between.

AM workout
Week 1: 3 sets, 275x3
Week 2: 4 sets, 280x3
Week 3: 5 sets, 285x3
Week 4: 3 sets, 275x3 (deload)
Week 5: 6 sets, 290x3
Week 6: 7 sets, 295x3
Week 7: 8 sets, 300x3
Week 8: 3 sets, 275x3 (deload)
Week 9: Test new 1RM for snatch

PM workout
Week 1: 3 sets, 335x3
Week 2: 4 sets, 340x3
Week 3: 5 sets, 345x3
Week 4: 3 sets, 335x3 (deload)
Week 5: 6 sets, 350x3
Week 6: 7 sets, 355x3
Week 7: 8 sets, 360x3
Week 8: 3 sets, 335x3 (deload)
Week 9: Test new 1RM for clean & jerk

I will also do the following maintenance work for my other exercises on a 3rd day:

A. DB Bench Press, 3x3 using 4RM
B1. Weighted Chins, 3x5 using 6RM
B2. Seated Rows, 3x5 using 6RM
C. DB Arnold Press, 3x5 using 6RM
*120 seconds rest between B1 and B2

Here are some things that might help you:
-I use a double progression. I increase the weights and volume simultaneously. It gives me purpose and challenge. Each increase may seem very slight, but don’t underestimate the progression. You should start easy. Each week is a lot harder than the last.

-Using a double progression is very hard. Not all people respond well to double progression. I sometimes double my supplement dosage to cope. The key here is focus and determination. Planning smart is also important.
-Regular deloading is essential. Double progression is that hard.
-Choose a movement. Concentrate on that movement. Train that movement at least thrice a week. Put your other movements on maintenance mode.
-I consider snatches and jerks somewhat similar. In a way, I’d train snatches 4 times a week.

Wow, that’s quite interesting. I know someone doing a similar progression to your squats, but without the deloading week. He’s less advanced than you, though, so it might work for him.

I have a question. Do you actually succeed in doing 5 sets of 8 in the last week of squats? I mean you did this before, right?

Keep it up! Keep us posted!

Hello. Like I said, the double progression is not meant for everybody. Beginners will have a hard time. He should stick to a more basic program. I hope he doesn’t burn out. As for the 5 sets of 8, yes and no. 480 will NOT be my 8RM. It would probably be my 6RM by the time I get there. I’d expect to end up doing the first 5 reps straight then breathe my way through the last 3 reps. They key for me here is to finish ALL 8 reps of ALL 5 sets.

I only employ the rep+weight progression for squats and overhead presses. I do a set+weight progression for oly lifts, deadlifts and bench press.

If I were to increase my bench or my overhead press, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll train twice a week. The AM workout will be for benches while the PM workout will be for overhead pressing. I have quicker gains doing both than doing each individually.

AM workout
Week 1: 5 sets, 375x3
Week 2: 6 sets, 380x3
Week 3: 7 sets, 385x3
Week 4: 3 sets, 375x3 (deload)
Week 5: 8 sets, 390x3
Week 6: 9 sets, 395x3
Week 7: 10 sets, 400x3
Week 8: 3 sets, 375x3 (deload)
Week 9: Test new 1RM for bench

PM workout
Week 1: 5 sets, 295x3
Week 2: 5 sets, 300x4
Week 3: 5 sets, 305x5
Week 4: 3 sets, 295x3 (deload)
Week 5: 5 sets, 310x6
Week 6: 5 sets, 315x7
Week 7: 5 sets, 320x8
Week 8: 3 sets, 295x3 (deload)
Week 9: Test new 1RM for overhead press

I will also do the following maintenance work for my other exercises on a 3rd day:

A. Power Clean, 3x3 using 4RM
B. Squat, 3x3 using 4RM
C1. Weighted Chins, 3x5 using 6RM
C2. Seated Rows, 3x5 using 6RM
*120 seconds rest between C1 and C2

Note that I can handle more volumes on bench presses than on snatches. I find oly lifts more taxing to my body than bench presses. Also note that I do strict overhead presses. On weeks 5-7, I do strict presses to failure then finish the desired reps doing push presses.

Yikes. It must be really hard to train like that consistently. I’m sure you have “rest” weeks. What do they look like?

5 sets of 455x3 felt a lot easier today. I’ll be doing this once more this week.

Oh, I forgot to mention my recovery weeks. After week 9, I will have 3-7 rest weeks. That depends on what my body tells me. I also take a break from supplements. I decrease the dosages by half. I have to give my kidneys a break.

I train 2-3 times a week on my recovery weeks. That also depends on what my body tells me. I alternate between a push and a pull workout. My workouts look like this:

A. Walking Lunges, 5 sets to near failure, use bodyweight (240 pounds on my back)
B. BW Dips, 5 sets to near failure
C. Farmer’s Walks, 5 sets to near failure, use 50% bodyweight on each hand (120 pounds on each hand)

A. Glute Ham Raise, 5 sets to near failure w/ bodyweight only
B. Reverse Hyperextension, 5 sets of 20 reps
C. Seated Row, 5 sets to near failure, use bodyweight (load 240 pounds)

Near failure means I can ONLY do EXACTLY 2 more reps if I had to. For farmer’s walks, near failure means I’m slowing down or losing grip.

5 sets of 455x3 got even easier today. Stay tuned for next week…

Sorry I wasn’t able to post. I’ve been busy with my felloship. Anyway, I still get to train. I did 5 sets of 460x4 as planned. It felt moderately difficult. The last set was notably hard.

460x4 felt a tiny bit easier today.

Interesting stuff, it’s the first time I get to see someone do both a rep and weight progression.