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My Don't Diet Plan


Goals: Maintain LBM, lose fat, increase cardio performance.

6am: Drive to gym (Coffee and Low-Carb Grow!)
7am: Low intensity Cardio
8am: Breakfast P&C (Oatmeal, Low-Carb Grow!, Blueberries)
11am: P&C (Dr. John's Chili)w/fruit
1pm: Lift at Lunch (Surge during and after)
4pm: P&F (Lean Beef,Lots o veggies, fish oil)
6:30pm: P&F (Fish or Chicken, Lots of veggies, fish oil)
9:30: P&F (Cottage cheese, Low-Carb Grow!, Flax Seeds, Fish oil)

So what do you think? Non lift days would be P&C instead of Surge.

Im thinking I need one more P&C after lifing, but I am trying to "taper" the meal combos.

Thanks for the advice,


I guess my first question would be
what does:
increase cardio mean?

Nowhere in your workout are you working towards increased cardio performance.

Also, while I'm sure that is a good diet to lose some weight/fat on--unless you are eating alot of meat at those meals, your total calories don't appear to be high enough to maintain endurance for the long haul.
Maybe I'm misreading 'cardio performance' let me know.
Again with my reference to cardio--I don't feel you are taking in enough carbs.

Anyways---need lots more info to evaluate your 'plan.' Current stats. Real goals. Explain cardio to me. Let's see if you're headed in the right direction, or if you're just biting off too much at one shot here. Maybe the goals will have to be split and done seperatly over time to better achieve your ultimate/given goal.


Sorry for being so vague.

This all adds up to ~2500cal, 40%carb,30 pro, 30 fat.

Increase cardio performance should be, maintain aerobic activity. During the summer, I am a competitve endurance athlete. My objective for the next 2-3 months is to bring my self to a lower race weight. I am 23, 5'9" 165 right now 10%bf, and Id like to get to the 145-150 range.

Dont read this like Im a 17year old looking to show the girls my abs. When racing over hills for hours at a time, carrying the least weight is a huge advantage.

I am not doing any high intensity aerobic training for a while, so I want to get a jump start the body composition.

Thanks for the help


I have more questions than answers.
1--I don't run much at 280, but I would think that unless you have exhausted all other options, simply losing weight is not going to make you faster. Am I right/wrong?

2--at 10% bodyfat, how much lower do you want to go? Maybe for a specific time range leading up to a race/marathon you would want to ride low, but lower than 10 is pretty low to stay at.

3--by staying at 165, but increasing sport specific muscle, wouldn't that be as beneficial as simply lowering weight/bodyfat?
Wouldn't getting stronger equate to getting faster for someone at your present stats?

So--to get stronger you simply lift weights. For your goals I would stay in the 6-12 rep range. Vary the rep schemes and total volume fairly regular. Seeing as total strength is not your goal, simply hitting the gym regular will pay off.

That diet is pretty strict, but if it works for you great. I would look at pulsating your carb intake periodically. That is a failrly low level and you may see fatigue without an ocassional bounce in carbs.


I am not worried right now about strenghth/speed. I am working with a coach for specific workouts. I am just in a "off" period for high-end training.

I know there is a point where lighter weight would be deminishing to performance. For me that is below 145 (ive been there, but lost a lot of muscle).

I will take your advice and add some more carbs in. With only 1hr of cardio and weights, should I bump it up to say 50% of intake?


Don't just 'take my advice'
I don't really know your goals?!. My thought was if you're trying to increase cardio performance, you were a little low.
In all honesty, I'm not sure what you're goals are or what you're asking.
Your'e not worried about strength or speed.
You're not performing high intensity cardio.
Your diet is very refined, WHY!? You aren't going to change your body composition in a relatively short time simply by eating a little better.

I guess I just don't have a grasp on what you are trying to accomplish. It seems to me like it's basically an active rest period.
Hell, I'm not built for active rest advice.
Eat clean,walk slow, lift light,get ready for next racing.


This is my diet right now and I;ve been getting great results.
Break: 1/2 cup irish oatmeal, 3 egg whites,one whole egg,2 organic/all natural fat-free rice cakes.
Pre-workout: 1 scoop why protein and creatine;one banana.
Post workout: 2 scoops whey,creatine,1 cup organic banana/mango juice or 1 cup skim milk and fruit mixed with my shake,and a one amino acid tablet.
lunch:4 0z grilled salman,fresh vegetables.
Dinner: Chicken salad,fat free organic yogurt and some strawberries.
Before bed snack: one cup skim milk,2 scoops whey,and 1/2 cup fat free organic plain yogurt. I eat every 2-3 hrs.


What's Irish Oatmeal?

I'd replace the rice cakes with something else. Maybe more oats.