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My Dogs' Feet


Here's a random item:
My dogs' feet smell like corn chips. In fact, the dogs give off that same aroma when they're in a deep sleep.
Sometimes I'll walk into the room where the dogs are sleeping and I'll think that my wife or son just opened a bag of corn chips.


just don't eat the feet



Fat people smell like this sometimes too.


I always call them Frito-Feet.


Oh man. Is it possible for humans to catch it from dogs?


No, because you already have yeast living on your body at all times anyway. It only becomes noticeable if there is an imbalance between competing bacteria or an immune deficiency.


Holy shit. Most interesting thing I've read in a long time. Thank you, Professor.

I don't get the fat people thing though. I just thought they ate a lot of fritos and doritos.


Moist and dark places are the perfect breeding grounds for yeast...which pretty much describes each and every fold of skin they have. Plus, the bigger they get, the harder it no doubt is to keep clean all over, especially when they develop several rolls of skin.

Bodybuilders could potentially experience that as well if you are big enough to have pecs that literally hang over your abdomen...but I would assume it is easier for someone truly in shape to keep the area clean.

I had a border terrier (my parents keep him now because he likes their ridiculously huge backyard) who had that smell around his huge ears.


I haven't noticed the smell coming from my dog's feet, but I have smelled the corn chip smell on several occasions. This was a really good post / thread.



i have noticed the smell but never thought about it. interesting.


I never noticed that yeast smelled like corn chips. Now I'm all smelling Titus' ears and thinking, MMMM!!!

That correlation would have been helpful a few years ago when I worked for a vet. It's hard to describe the smell of yeast if you don't know what it is.


Check the ingredients in their food. Most likely CORN. Does a dog have the digestive enzymes necessary to digest corn??? I doubt it. Remember the T-Nation article, "Corn Fed Blubbler"



So why don't girls who "aren't so fresh down there" smell like that? It's not a good smell usually. Sorry but someone had to ask.



Prof X, c'mon old school answer this one!


I've noticed a smell on my dogs' paws that can only be described as warm and a little yes, mildly of corn chips. Weird!


I would go for corn chips than rotten fish any day. Or at least fish and chips.


The smell of a vagina isn't due to yeast unless there is truly a yeast infection. The odor you are describing is due to bacteria and is usually caused by an overgrowth or imbalance in the natural bacteria found in the vagina. One of the biggest causes of this is the retention of a tampon too long or simply not keeping the area clean.


Yeast in the ears and pads of the feet do often indicate a food allergy.


On that note, one of my buddies actually told his girlfriend of the time that her "pussy stinks" when they were fighting one time.

She responded with "There's 17 sweat glands down there!"

Needless to say, we don't think that was the first time she had heard that.


My dog smells like a big corn chip.

He is a beagle so he has that hound scent. His food though contains no corn. I've tried multiple foods aeven foods with limited ingredients and have come to the realization that I have to just live with it.