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My dog blew out his knee...

About a month ago my dog tore a cruciate ligament in his right knee and this past week he had replacement surgery (quite similar to the human procedure). To compound the situation, he was born with hip displacia (sp?)on his left side (though with strength and conditioning training as well as glucosamine supplementation he now shows no sign of it). Now I’m familiar with the human rehabilitation process and will certainly heed the advice of the vet, but does anyone have any advice? More specifically, (1)Has anyone else had a dog that had this injury and surgery and what were your experiences? (2)Anyone know of an informative website related to this (3)Any suggestions for a specific brace? If at all interested he’s a 4 year old, 110lb boxer (quite large for the breed standard which is one of the contributing factors to why he blew out his knee).


Dogs have knees?

I don’t have any suggestions, but I forwarded you post to a friend of mine who is also a vet. He may have some suggestions for you. I’ll post if he gets back to me.

Your effort is greatly appreciated!


You of all people should be aware that dogs do in fact have knees. Afterall, aren’t you a self proclaimed hound who spends a great deal of time on your knees? :slight_smile:


LOL! Yes, as a self-proclaimed dog, I spend time on all fours…but not on my knees! Next time I see my dog, I’m going to take a closer look at his knees. I think they are backward compared to yours or mine.

My dog has the same problem. His curveball sucks now.

Bump. Jason?