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My Doesn't Seem to Respond to AAS


Hi, I was hoping I could get some opinions and advice about why my body does not seem to respond well to most AAS.

Basically the only thing that has worked for me has been Anavar, everything else I have tried makes me completely unable to perform in the gym. I have attempted various cycles including test prop, test suspension, winstrol, dbol and tbol (not at the same time).

What happens is every time I attempt to do a cycle of something that is not Anavar, I get this terrible feeling as if I can't produce enough energy to lift weights that are well within my capacity. For example, I backsquat in the range of 460 lbs but when I was taking dbol and test I was getting fatigued even on my warmup sets with 225 and I could barely manage a max of 390. No matter what the cycle is, outside of Anavar this always happens. It is awful.

I have searched a lot of places trying to find the answer and everyone seems to think it is test flu. However, from what I can tell my problem is quite a bit different than test flu. I feel generally fine while starting these cycles but I just get insanely weak in the gym instead of getting stronger. The longest I have tried to stick with a cycle that was causing this problem has been ~2 weeks and I got weaker every single day. My friend thinks I should try a longer ester testosterone but honestly I'm kind of scared to because I don't want to shoot sust or something and get this weak feeling for a whole month.

I read a short thread on another board about people with adrenal problems having issues with testosterone replacement, but it didn't really give me any answers since I have no symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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That's shitty man.

What kind of doses were you taking?

Were you using an AI?

Do you trust your source?

Lots of variables that need to be pinned down, but have you considered just sticking it out for a few more weeks? I haven't gotten test flu my self, but I've read that it can last up to 2 weeks (and the people talking about it were a lot sicker than you ie puking, cant eat, cant even lift).


Thanks for the replies.

BBB: In terms of inhibiting things like adrenaline (which is exactly what it feels like) do you think this is something that my body would adapt to if I try to go longer than 1.5 - 2 weeks?

The first time this happened I was trying to do a simple 500mg/week Test Prop cycle. The next time I decided to try a lower dose so I was doing 75 mg of Prop every other day. With Dbol I get the bad effects even at 10 mg / day.

I thought perhaps it was an estrogen issue so I tried small amount of Adex with 25 mg of Test Suspension per day but no luck. I thought maybe since Anavar worked well another DHT derivative might be good so I tried winstrol at only 20 mg per day and similar things happened.

I have used mostly human grade gear from sources I trust. The Anavar that worked however was UGL. Funny thing is, I got some more Anavar from the same guy and used it at the same dose as before and it too caused this terrible reaction, even though I trusted this source I think his powder must have been mixed with Dbol or something.

When I ran the legit Anavar at 80 mg per day I had none of these side effects whatsoever, I started having better workouts from the very first day, after about two weeks all my lifts had started to go up significantly. I even went as high as 120 mg per day for a few days with no sides.


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The only way these results can be consistent with each other, that I can figure, is if your "80 mg" of oxandrolone was nothing like 80 mg.

It may be that your nervous system just can't tolerate high levels of androgen or that this is your response to it, regardless of which androgen it is. If that is the case then the only solution is low dose. I doubt there would be drug or supplement to counter the effect.


when you say this do you mean that when you feel like this even if you go to the gym you are unable to lift well? I don't get that much of a lethargic feeling, I still feel like I want to go lift, but when I get to the weights I can't lift them, even if I am yelling at myself and trying to hype up.

I will try the 5 mg of dbol a day at some point, thanks.


It is possible that my Anavar was underdosed and maybe overdosed the second and third time, however I had great results during the first run with the var, gained 45 pounds on my squat in the first 5 weeks of my 8 week cycle and I could do extra reps on almost everything starting very early in the cylce. In pct for that cycle I ran Nolva and Clomid and felt great during that as well, almost like I would imagine a test cycle could feel.

So maybe Anavar just didn't shut me down that much and other stronger androgens shut me down super quick or something?



RE: BBB's suggestion of trying something like masteron at 100mg/wk...

If he does get results without the lethargy from a dose like that, couldn't he theoretically stay on for as long as he'd like since masteron at 100mg/wk isn't suppressive (IIRC)...?


I think I will give this a try as well at some point.


Here are some more details that I listed on another board:

Mid twenties, 6 ft, 195 lbs. Not interested in gaining weight only strength.

I eat 3-5 times a day. Train twice a day except on weekends.

9 am breakfast: banana, 4-5 scrambled eggs+milk, whole grain toast. (~30 g protein total), Fish Oil 1200 mg, coq10 100mg

10:30 am I do a workout consisting of mostly squats, powercleans and RDLs and sometimes presses.

12:30ish pm lunch: I eat a bunch of pasta not sure how much exactly but I eat until I am very full. Multiple glasses of milk. Fish Oil 1200 mg Sometimes have chicken with this meal as well.

4 pm snack: banana or orange or apple with glass of milk maybe, perhaps some candy if i have it lying around hehe.

5:30 pm I do a workout consisting of sprinting and powercleans. Sometimes more squats.

7 pm Dinner: pasta with chicken. (~60 g protein)

This might not seem like much food but keep in mind I do not want to gain a single pound of either muscle or fat. I feel very recovered with this diet and I do not have a problem completing workouts except when I alter my hormones, then I can't even do my warmups correctly.

My cycle history is as follows:

Sometime in 2007 I was planning on starting a test prop cycle at ~500 mg per week but I only ended up doing one shot because I got scared and decided I wasn't ready to use yet. I think I felt a slight boost from that one shot but I can't be sure, however I didn't get the bad effects I have had recently.

Sometime in 2008 I tried to do a cycle of H Drol prohormone and after around 10 days I was feeling really bad and seeing no gains so I stopped.

March 2009: Liquid Oxandrolone taken ~25 mg x 3 times per day = ~75 mg. Might have taken a bit extra sometimes because I felt great so lets say I was doing 80 mg or what was labeled as 80 mg by this lab. Ran this for 8 weeks. Pct was 3 weeks of nolva 20 mg + clomid 50 mg ED. Felt great on cycle and on pct. Strength went way up, no sides at all.

December 2009 I feel that I am ready to take a real test cycle but I want to do a short 6-8 week one so I decide to go with prop (human grade), plan is to inject 150 mg EoD. I inject twice, so total of 300 mg, I am feeling pretty good, had a few good workouts, nothing out of the ordinary but I don't feel bad. Then I do my third shot and literally about 5 hours later I feel foggy headed, not tired exactly but I feel kinda strange like not getting turned on when I was kissing my girl. I got to the gym and I cannot do anything, weights that are warmup weights for me on squats felt like they are near my max. I try to max out and I am down around 30 pounds from normal. It was like I injected horse tranquilizer or something. So I do one more inject 2 days later and then said fuck this because I kept feeling weak. this continued for about 3 days after last inject. So total I was on was about 10 days. Felt great as soon as the test wore off, lifts went back up to normal.

Feb 2010 I get more of what I think is oxandrolone from the same place. I take 50 mg, and the next morning when I go to work out I have the same effect as the prop gave me except even worse. My legs feel like they can't carry me up the stairs, squats go waaay down. Cannot get energized in the gym even if I yell at myself. So I stopped this after 3 days, went back to normal right after.

Later in Feb 2010 I try some dbol at 10 mg ed at first and then going up to 20 mg. I took it only in the morning. After a few days of taking it I had the exact same problem so I stopped. I would feel shitty when I tried to lift in the morning after taking it and I would feel slightly better in the evening of the same day.

Discouraged I decide to not even try anything for a while.

So in December 2011 I tried some test suspension at only 25 mg / day for two days. Felt the same terrible feeling except it happened almost instantly, like 20 min after I injected.

Then most recently about 4 weeks ago was when I ran oral winstrol by itself. Started at 10 mg the first day and didn't notice anything, then went to 30 mg the next two days and had the same terrible effects so I stopped.

I think an experiment that I need to do is to run some human grade oxandrolone and see what happens. I will post results when have money to do this.

Thanks, for reading. Also, it isn't possible that it is bad gear or anything like that, because my friend takes the same stuff out of the same vials / packages and does great.


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That explains a lot. I've definately got the lethargy problem too. I don't get it like the OP though. If I slap myself around a bit and knuckle up then I get a good workout, but the rest of the time I feel constantly tired. I thought it was just me but I guess its too much gear. I definately don't have any problem with the strength side of things though, I get quite a boost.

I was thinking of trying modfinil to counteract it in future.


Thanks I will give this a try in the future.


Just wanted to say thanks for the good replies, I am more or less getting flamed on another board for "not knowing anything about steroids."


The 100mg/week of mast is interesting. I wasn't aware that it wouldn't be suppressive at that.

Since it is not suppressive at 100mg/week, would that mean you could cruise on say 100mg of mast per week, and blast by upping the mast and adding test, then when you are done with the blast, come back down to 100mg of mast, keep making gains, and your HPTA still recover?

Did I draw the right assumptions, or is that totally wrong?


Cruising on masteron wouldnt be ideal because there would be no source of estrogen replacement.

The HPTA doesnt recover when someone is blasting and crusing. Some people choose to run a SERM during some of their cruises to 'trick the brain' (to put it crudely) into restarting the HPTA. Full recovery wont occur though. WHether or not full recovery occurs for those who cycle with pct is a separate issue all together.


It could be the case, for a given individual, that a much lesser dose of oxandrolone combined with it being the right time for the person and with suitable training and nutrition could yield that result.

If it were the case that one or two anabolic steroids gave you problems, or there was some discernable pattern, then that would be one thing perhaps. But when it is EVERY steroid tried but one that gives the problems, and estrogen isn't the issue, then it makes sense to me to suspect that the real difference, if related to the drugs, was dosage. That would be my working hypothesis until having evidence -- oxandrolone that was certainly correct dose and worked well at fairly high dose such as 80 mg/day -- to the contrary.

The 100 mg/week Masteron suggestion is a good one I think. It wouldn't be suitable for someone looking for maximum mass or anything like it, but that is not your goal.


Do you mean it's probably not such a good idea because of his 'sensitivity' his threshold for suppression would be lower than that of a 'normal' person?


Bushy, I remember you talking about some protocol you had in mind for dealing with lethargy. It was something like training for two weeks with just a Test base followed by rest for two weeks with additional short-ester AAS like Tren and NPP, repeating this for the duration of the cycle. Maybe a variation on that would be applicable here?