My Doctor, My Dealer

Ah, the legal way! Cy Willson wrote a great article awhile back about how to obtain the goods from your doctor. Well, about 4 or 5 months ago I had my T tested because I assumed it was low. I’m only 19 so when it the results came back off the chart low in total, bioavailable, and free testosterone, I figured I could get a scrip from a doctor. I have yet to visit an endocrinologist and get a scrip. However, I have done a mild cycle of gear (500mg/week of T) and received good gains but lost most of it. I feel my T has returned back to normal (very low) and I’m now having difficult keeping muscle on despite my increased caloric intake. So here’s the deal: I plan on visiting 4 or 5 doctors (maybe more) and seeing if they can hook me up. I think I remember reading that most won’t go much more than 200mg of T per week or two weeks. Is it possible for me to get multiple prescriptions from different doctors so I can use something that would ACTUALLY help me build muscle (along the lines of 750mg/week)??? I would also most definitely be seeking to get a scrip for my friend clomiphene citrate. Anyone out there know if this will be a cheap way of getting it?? I was planning on waiting for the N-17E to come out and possible use that with some T. I’m also awaiting Brock’s concoction. Finally got the wifey to understand so its time to get that prescription. Bring on the T!!

I realized that each doctor would want to keep testing my T levels and the like to make sure that the amount he is giving me is working. So what I thought about doing, assuming I can obtain multiple scrips, is saving most of what I get and using some to boost my T levels. Or I may just use some androsol and some tribex. Any thoughts of helpful hints for me???

If you are simply looking to elevate testosterone levels to a high range, but still within normal physiological levels, I’d go with tribex/clomiphene and Androsol. If you want to get results from straight testosterone, the best idea would be to convince the doc to give you the entire multi-dose vial. A good friend of mine was able to do this. Just explain to him/her that it’s much more convenient for you to inject at home rather than coming into the office every 2-3 weeks. It also helps to say that you know how to perform an IM injection. Hope this helps.

Lower your volume. Yeah I’ve become a HIT ‘fanatic’ but if it seems to be especially helpful to people with lower T.

Okay, I’ve got my appt. lined up with an endocrinologist that is a provider for my health insurance. I called an anti-aging place and they said that it is “cash only”. Geez, I can’t afford that. I plan to make 3 or more appts. to make sure I get a doc who’s willing to give me a scrip. I’ve got a question for you guys though. Say that the doc prescribes me 300mg/week or less of T and allows me to do my IM injections at home. Well, obviously I wouldn’t want to use that small amount. Should I 1) Use it in conjunction with some N-17E or Dilandren and not tell the doc, 2) same as 1 and tell the doc, 3) save the T that I get and use some androsol/tribex to monkey with the tests the doc will have me do, or 4) use nothing until he figures out that the small amount doesn’t do anything so he’ll prescribe me more. Any tips or suggestions that are a sure fire way of scoring it the legal way??? Thanks.

I don’t believe you can get away with multiple scripts for any controlled substance drug. A database is maintained for these prescriptions and every prescription is entered.

At least here in Florida, when I was prescribed
oxycodone once, I had to show my driver’s license or other official ID. So a plan of going to different doctors under different names, so as to fool
the system, would not have worked.