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My Doc Sucks

After failing to leanout for the last 6 months despite meticulous efforts. I decided to get someblood work done. My libido has been on the low sideand generally feeling crappy all the time. My doctor says I only need to test total testosterone, and if thats low you check,free circulating and shbg, Is that true?. Also I asked about estrogen and he said ahh its not a worry for a man. If estrogen was high total T would be low , Is that true? Also He is testing TSH, only for thyroid isn’t it possible to have normal TSH and low levels of T3, or T4. could anyome arm me with some arsenal to better explain to him why I need all these tests or is it good enough just to test, total T, TSH,

Your doctor may be restricted by your health insurance. They quite often dictate a certain sequence of tests. From a business point of view, I almost agree with some of those sequences. A Free Testosterone test is typically over $100. But from everything I learned, it seems to me that Total Testosterone is next to useless. So, on the testosterone assays, you’re right, it would be nice to do the Free and Total at the same time. But then, your health insurance may refuse to pay for them, and your doctor is actually helping you out.
Now, about the thyroid tests. While I believe American doctors rely too heavily on the TSH test, it really is pretty diagnostic. It’s very unlikely to have a normal TSH and low T3 or T4. If all these tests had no cost, your doctor would probably order a full thyroid panel. But they’re not free, so he’s going for the most bang for the buck.
Whether we like it or not (I don’t), your doctor is following a typical and “acceptable” course of action. Hang in there and keep pushing until your satisfied.

You should not have to explain anything to him. Get a better doc.

I belong to Kaiser HMO so its kind of hard to just up and switch doctors. As oppossed to regular health insurance.

Vman, I could not disagree more. Your local doctor’s office is not a supermarket. You can’t just go in and demand whatever test you want without damned good medical and/or financial justification.

Go to the Streoids forum and ask Spongebob, he’s your man.