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My Doc Says Sub Q is Impossible

This idiot literally said it would kill me!! Says it would be impossible to inject T Sub Q because it’s an oil.
He’s an Endo and I still plan to ask my GP about it, but how do I convince them that plenty of men are doing Sub Q Testosterone injections? My GP appointment is on Monday and I’ve tried to read the stickies but I feel like I need a Biology degree to understand them.

Can anyone direct me to a Sub Q 101 thread or give me a quick break down of how it’s done and how much to take? I know it’s asking a lot so thanks for any help. :O)

Apparently, I’ve killed myself!

I guess I’ll await the memo.

There are videos on YouTube of people injecting Testosterone subcutaneously. One is even a physician.

That Endocrinologist sounds pretty, no make that really dumb.

I’m sure there a few links out there discussing SQ vrs IM. However most docs will brush it off as ‘bro science’.

So pull the actual medical research studies so he can see what’s been done to validate SQ T injections.

Here a link to PUBMED summary. I’m sure with a little googleing you’ll be able to find the actual Canadian study.

Why do you have to convince him??? Just do it if that is your preferred method. It’s obviously a safe method.

Exactly. Assuming you’re doing this at home, inject where you want.

Thanks for the replies everyone. :O)
I’m actually only on Androgel right now but my Endo said he’d switch me to injections in 6 weeks. I just don’t understand how a trained Dr could say something so stupid (that Sub Q would kill me) or be so ignorant to the actual process of doing Sub Q.

Anyway yes, I suppose I could just switch to Sub Q once I get the other shots (at home, yes). Would I be injecting the same amount as the Doc prescribes in that case? Could I just buy the needle gauge that I want or do I need an RX for every size?

I’ve been watching the youtube videos and it seems as easy as switching the needle to a 25 gauge once you’ve drawn up the T w/ another larger gauge needle.

The Dr is only following SOP on Test injections - TRT is relatively new and most are not up to speed on treatment style .

Drs. are hard to figure out and they certainly don’t know everything. . Yes inject the same amount. Yes you should use a different gauge. Depending on where you live, you might need a script to buy in a pharmacy. However, plenty of online sites sell them without the stupid script.

p.s. I bet you will be happier with benefits of the injections.

Thanks again for the answers folks.
Bigguns, before I read your post I did a google search for syringes and found places to buy em online. :O) I checked out youtube for doing Sub Q shots Tetstosterone shots and learned all about it. Yeah, I definitely think I’ll be happier doing injections over the gel too.

In general endos are morons. Sad but true. Over and over and over guys are sent to endos with laughable results. SC is fine.

[quote]brentf13 wrote:
In general endos are morons. Sad but true. Over and over and over guys are sent to endos with laughable results. SC is fine. [/quote]

It’s ridiculous. I guess they don’t learn any of this stuff in school.
I feel confident in doing SC now that I’ve learned how so I don’t care what my Dr says. I’m just scared about first having to show him that I know how to do an IM injection in my leg the next time I see him.