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My DNP Cycle


Day 1 of my DNP cycle
I took 500 mg
I feel the heat!
end of transmission
b4 starting pics to come later 2 day.




I reeeaaaally hope you know what you're doing. The dangers of most drugs tend to be exaggerated, but using DNP is playing for keeps. Good luck.


Why are you using something as dangerous as DNP ?


Seriously man,
500mg on the first day. You may wanna skip day two.
I hope you've done dnp before.
You do realize it builds up in your system?
So if you do 500mg for the first 4 days you, on that 4th day you have more than 500mg in your system. BE CAREFUL


Whoa settle down my man, you better have all you info in order DNP usage can lead to fatalities you can literally cook yourself to death.

Good luck!


I'm so glad they banned ephedra, it would be horrible if people were to use something dangerous like that instead...

Damn, just in case anyone is truly clueless, I'm being sarcastic.


Why would you start with 500mg? Have you used DNP before? Do you know if you're one gonna get a rash? Are you taking the appropriate sups with it?


Are you ok dude? Where are you?


I hope he didn't die


Do you think he's already dead?

He might just be in a hospital somewhere.

Natural selection is brutaly effective.


This is the kind of shit I didn't want to have happen when I wrote about my DNP cycle...

WHich is why I never wrote a full article on it for any site (other than a profile)



as a person who has been lucky enough to never be involved in any type of drug or have any information on them may I ask a stupid question?
whats DNP?
Id google it but I am curious to know from you people? It sounds like a crack of bodybuilding or something


Dinitrophenol is a by product of TNT manufacture. DNP is a mitochondrial uncoupling agent. It causes body temperature to skyrocket to a level that can kill you.

It is really dangerous stuff to mess with.


Just to give a more graphic picture, you literally cook yourself. Some lifters used to use it to lose body fat very fast. That would usually lead to nights of sweat drenched sheets. It is naturally found in slightly elevated amounts in babies and some natives of colder climates, from what I've read on the subject. It is not to be played with and can easily cause death even in small amounts. It is the pure definition of playing with fire.


Im going to sound really Naive here.
WHY?? why is it so important to have a hardbody that one must put themselfs in this type of danger for a 6pack?
And then what type of a person comes onto a forum and brags about it?
Very disturbing?


That doesn't sound naive because it is possible you simply have your priorities in check. However, it does sound like you are very unaware of the lengths some people are willing to go in bodybuilding. Considering there are people out there not completely aware of what the hell they are taking because they bought it off some guy they know whose really "ripped", it really shouldn't surprise you that much. It is because of the idiots that so much negative press is available concerning bodybuilding as a whole.


Yeah, bro seriously, you alright? I promise no more flames, just put up a post , anything.



I myself had never heard of this before either. But being a chemist I know exactly what it is; I just cant fathom why or even how someone looked at this and thought "ya this seems like a good idea."


I know the story behind that if you really wanna know...

I'm back on it too....I started with 200mgs, yesterday.