My Dip Belt Broke!!!

Man this blows, i spent $41 on a dip-belt at just so i could be able to do weighted chins,dips…other stuff out there.

Anyway today i thought, well i will go heavy, I put 2 45’s on the chain, i went up for a chin and suddenly the chain (metal chain…metal)snaps, well the part holding one end to the other.

I?m so pissed of right now, and the worst thing is that tomorrow i have to do sets of chins, and dips for my workout. I solved the problem by taking a belt and putting it through the chain and tying on end to the other but i don?t know how long that will last.

Do you guys have any advice, or a better dip belt product that won?t break even if you put 100lbs on it?


my entire gym bag got stolen

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Buy Ironmind’s. Think it was cheaper too.

Chain is cheap if the belt itself is still solid?

I have ironminds dip belt, it’s rated to hold 1000 pounds. Im pretty sure it’s 54.99 plus shipping. You wont buy another belt again.

thanks ima buy a ironmind…oh and sry about your gym bag, hope ya get that back soon, and beat the crap out of who stole it.

Get a new piece of chain (if the chain broke) & a strong Carabiner from a climbing supllier.

If the belt is still good, just go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and ‘build’ your own chain.

One of the trainers here mentioned this (and this is what I do): hold a dumbbell between your feet. This has the added benefit of SERIOUSLY working the abs. Obviously this is harder to do if you’re dipping (particularly if you’re tall) but it’s possible.

[quote]kbspwnu wrote:

my entire gym bag got stolen


Well, that explains the swollen prostate.

Look at a dirty mag then slip the weights on your little fella’. You should be all set to go!

i guess i am going to homedepo…

I just use a 5 foot lentgh of chain, a couple of hooks, and ran it through a piece of heavy duty garden hose. I figure its good for at least 400 lbs. Not that I’ll ever use that much. Think it ran a total of 8 bucks or so.