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My Dinner Last Night


Just wanted to share. I think the simplicity makes it look so inviting. FWI it's a nice big boneless pork chop grilled to perfection with some BBQ sauce, some Bismati rice with some Soy Sauce applied and some mixed veggies. Yum.



Last night's dinner.


^Do not want.


Weak. Eat more.


I thought you were a vegetarian?

Anyway, I had about the same for lunch about an hour and a half ago. Pork Tenderloin, Rice, Brocoli, plus a little bowl of Macadamia Nuts.




Vegita must be really bored to be making all these boring threads.


Kerley, I know your new around here but there are certain things that the "in" crowd might know (like funny past threads) that you don't necessarily get yet. I know your star is on the rise, and I'm not here to knock you off your broom. I'm just saying, when I make a thread, I put a lot of thought and preparation into how it will be recieved. Sometimes it's going to be over your head.

Then again, I could have just been bored as hell. Or I could have been overly proud of a plate of food. Hell I could have been both. But I trust the ability of T-Nation to make something good of any situation given to it. Listen to me now. We are winners around here. Winners don't go into a situation and bitch about it. (this thread is boring) They go in and make the most of the situation, Take some cues from Polo, Hungry and Lanky, they know how to save a failing thread, they know how to WIN!





Still sucks, no matter how long you've been here.

No changing that.


Todays lesson is brought to you by the letter "M"

Can you think of a sentence with the letter M?.

Puts hand up "Lastnight Lanky had a massive shit that looked like the letter M"

Gold star please.


In some circles, sucking is good no?



ill let you decide?


back away slowly, it looks hungry.


You're right V. Me so sorry.

Kerley, I want naked pics of that fat chick NOW!


I did say "SOME" circles, I wouldn't hang with kerleys crew, but if you guys want an invite to mine just let me know.





Destroy her in what way, exactly? Hmmmm?


my circle would rather some gagging over sucking.