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My Dilemma, Hitting a Plateau


What?s up guys- first post here.

Anyway, I weigh 194 at around 11-13% body fat. I?ve been lifting for 3 years now. I have been bulking on a full body plan for a few months now. I Made some really good gains in the beginning, but they started to taper off... so now I am doing the total body training program by Chad Waterbury, and I am on week three. The problem is that my lifts are all stagnating, and I have had a few bad workouts in a row, and my weight is starting to drop.

Additionally, my chest is lagging very badly, particularly my lower and inner chest. My biggest difficulty is getting my chest to do the work. When I do any sort of benching (DB or BB) I feel it mostly in my tris, and when I do flies I feel it my shoulders. My max on bench is 205 lbs.

I was thinking about getting on a split to try and fix the problems.

Something like:

Monday- Back, abs
Tuesday ? Chest, rotator cuffs
Wednesday ? Off
Thursday ? Legs, abs
Friday ? Chest, arms, and shoulders
Saturday ? Rotator cuffs, cardio/off
Sunday ? Off

I was thinking pre fatiguing my chest before bench, ex, 1 set of flies supersetted with 1 set of flat bench x 3. This would hopefully teach my body to use my chest to bench and not my arms.

I plan on bulking for 4-5 more weeks before I start cutting.

Just looking for a little input and some help? What do you guys think? This isn't meant to start a debate on tbt or splits again, it's just to see what might work best for me considering my situation Thanks!


when doing BB bench how wide is your grip? Bench used to never hit my chest until i started putting my hands outside my shoulders. Just something to think about. and be sure to let the bar come all the way down to your chest, no bouncing of course.

When doing DB bench you need to get a solid stretch in your chest. My elbows point straight out and the DB's almost hit my armpits before i lift them back up.

"I plan on bulking for 4-5 more weeks before I start cutting." I understand summer is almost here but i would advise not cutting but just adding more food(less carbs but more overall food) and cardio to your schedule. Works for me.


Your max bench is 205lbs and you're wondering why you have a small chest?


Try dips... I used used to have the same problem when I benched but, once I started switching to dips more often my chest finally started taking most of the force.


If you can't feel your chest working when bench pressing, try to pre-fatigue it: a couple of set on a peck-deck machine BEFORE benching can help. Adding half reps (from chest to midway) to your regular BP will help focusing on pectorals as well .


I use a pretty wide grip and always bring it all the way down to my chest, and never bounce it.

And I certaintly don't mind not cutting as I love to eat! What weight do you think I should shoot for before I start cutting? I'm 5 11 by the way.


I know my bench sucks, that's why I'm asking for help. I have a hard time putting more weight on the bar, because of my weak chest. I'm working on it though.


I feel dips mostly in my anterior deltoids. Do I need to lean forward more?