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My Dilema

I’m currently in Iraq with minimal gym equipment. I came over here a hefty 181 with an unknown BMI but I bet it was high. I’, down to 168 with about a 14BMI. I’m looking to get down to 6% BMI but i like the way i feel
around 170 so I’d like to be 170 at 6%. I’d still be overweight by army standards but I’d have that hard dense look I’m looking for.

My current workout split is Mon-chest/tri
Fri-back and bi

I havent really calculated food wise all the numbers, but I’ss post them next. I am also taking No Xplode and a few other products. BSN products are all we have here so its also something new. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

I think you mean bodyfat percentage vice BMI.

You do realize BMI does not mean body fate percentage and having a 6 BMI would quite likely mean you were dead or about to die or had been decomposing for awhile or your legs got blown off by a roadside b omb.

yea ur right im meaning body fat percentage. right now i lift pretty heavy …thats the only way i know how to train. people tell me that i should lift lighter if im losin weight but wouldnt weight just come off anyway as long as im eating right and working out consistently.

In truth, I’m a complete newbie, however, if I understand properly:

  • muscle will burn more calories than fat, so if you’re lifting heavy and putting on some muscle

  • you’ll lose more weight than if you just use lighter weights

  • I don’t know what kind of cardio you’re doing (steady state, intervals, etc), but you’ll find some great info on that here as well (ie what’s better for fat loss)

  • nutrition is absolutely key - so you really need to know those numbers

I’m sure someone who’s been around a while can give you far better and more in-depth answers…

Good Luck!

3rd World Workout…for those without equipment.

Find a PT instructor…

you might try posting in the War Room where fellow service men/women post - of course you need to be invited first, so pm one of the members

if anybody knows what you’re going through it would be that group

thank ya well right now its only 935 here in good ol iraq so i just got done eatin later on tonite when i have time ill put up what my numbers are nutrition wise for a typical day. today was chest and tri day so i started out with flat dumbells and started our with
45 for 10
65 for 8
75 for 4

than i did some inclined bench presses these i normally go lighter on my shoulder tends to pop and i lose the weight .


than i finished off with 3 sets of iso later presses which were


i then did some tri’s which i started out with reverse curls . than supersetted some skull crushers with tri pressdowns. i couldnt really get the weights i just counted the number of plates the numbers were rubbed off. but thats my typical monday

My total daily food intake is

1316 cal
104 pro
48 fat

Right now I’m currently at 167 so whatever I’m doing seems to be working