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My Diet's Calories & Content

I’m taking a whole food supplement vitamin 3x daily, acai for antioxidants, Fish oils 2x the reccomended serving daily, Vanadyl Sulfate once on workout days, BCAA’s 3-5x daily as directed, and Chromium Picolinate on days I know won’t be good as far as meal content.
Keep in mind this is pretty ideal, ussually one of these meals gets fucked.

Goes Something like this:
Meal 1:
Eggwhite Omlette and Spinach
Cup of Oats
40g Protein Shake
1/2 Liter Water

Meal 2:
Eggs…2 Whites 1 Yolk
Homeade Berry Shake
1 Slice of Wheat Toast
1/2 Liter Water

Meal 3:
Small Slice of Salmon on Brown Rice
Nuts - Almonds
Green Apple
1/2 Liter Water

Meal 4:
Salad w/ Chopped Chicken Breast
1 Tablespoon Sesamae Dressing
1/2 Liter Water
40 G Protein Shake

Meal 5:
Lettuce Leaves
Filled with Turkey Breast
1/4 Liter Water
Banana & Organic Peanut Butter

What needs to go, what needs to stay, are the calories correct? I already see the meals aren’t exactly balanced, maybe that’s a problem. This would be the meals for an off day.

Looks like good foods, I see no Calories is it working to your goals?? Small slice of salmon depending on how small thats not much protein.

Over all from what you gave looks good.