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my dieting sucks

My dieting sucks ass! I gain weight very easily, and I eat too many of the wrong carbs for my body type which is a lot of breads, milk, pasta, rice, and not enough vegetables, oats or fats. If I increase my fat content and lower my carbs so they are equal, would that help me keep off some unwanted weight. I am also going to start eating mostly vegetables and oats for my carbs. What precentage of macros should I be shooting for? I have already looked over “Foods that make you look good nekid”. Thanks all.

U already seem to know whats bad for you, so yeah have more veges, and oat, and avoid white rice, pasta, milk. If you are trying to loose fat, than have a diet high in fat (flex seeds, nuts, extra virgin olive oil) and protein (read t-dawg diet). If you do eat carbs, have ALA with it to take care of insulin spikes. Seems like you still have to do more reading. On the forum search for ALA and Charles Polinique(sp) diet threads. You have to give more info (bf%, weight) then we will be able to tell you how many carbs,proteins and fats to go for. Good luck

I am about 200lbs at about 10% bf. I would try to lose some weight but have a bench contest in March that I am training for.

Caloric Target Calculations should not be based on total bodyweight, but rather Lean Body Mass (LBM). There is no reason to include fat mass in the calculation unless you wish to maintain the fat. Simply take the subject’s total weight and multiply it by (1 - BF%) to get his LBM.

230lbs X .76 (24%) = 175lbs LBM

Protein: 1.35 x 175 = 236 grams X 4 = 944c= 44% Carbs: 1 x 175 = 175 grams X 4 = 700c= 33% Fat: .3 x 175 = 53 grams X 9 = 477c = 23% = 2,121 TOTAL TARGET CALORIC INTAKE


Well 10%bf is pretty good, and it wont be a good idea to diet if you are preparing for a strength contest. I say just do what you said (more veg, oats), and reduce the simple carbs and U will be alright. I am insulin sensitive too and have made a pretty good change in my composition since I have started eating more veg, oats, flex seed, and less carbs (went from 14-15% to 11-12% in 12 weeks).